Bandai is accepting order for "TAMER's EVOLUTION BOX"


Bandai have started accepting orders for the special item "TAMER'S EVOLUTION BOX", which is a set of goods such as sleeves and card cases, on the online shopping site Premium Bandai! The design of the play mat and package box will be released later.

Selling Price is: 7,700 yen (tax included)

Product Detail:

    • Official rubber play mat
    • Memory gauge
    • Memory marker
    • Dot illustration sleeve
    • Digitama sleeve: 5 sheets
    • Deck sleeve: 50 sheets
    • Card case
    • New illustration option card
      1. Gaia Force
      2. Shadow wing
      3. Cocytus Breath
      4. Hammer spark
      5. Horn buster
      6. Fraucanon
      7. Heaven's Gate
      8. Heaven's charm

Link to Bandai shop website.

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