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The starter deck [ST2-11] 12/4 LV6 MetalGarurumon can, once per turn during attacking, unsuspend itself. Let's take a look at the competition:

    • [BT1-115] 6/3 LV4 Veedramon: once per turn when attacking, if you have a tamer, unsuspend this digimon.
    • [BT2-032] 13/3 LV6 UlforceVeedramon: during your turn, when one of your blue tamers becomes suspended, unsuspend this digimon. 
    • [BT1-036] 6/2 LV4 Garurumon: when played, unsuspend 1 of your digimon.
    • [BT2-028] 8/3 LV5 AeroVeedramon: when digivolving, if you have a blue tamer, unsuspend 1 of your blue digimon.

This effect is not only aggresive, but also far more flexible than <SecurityAttack+X> (since you can choose to target digimons, or to keep yourself safe after attacking). 

When compared with Veedramon, this effect is far better suited for MetalGarurumon as it has a far-higher DP to survive a security attack. Meanwhile when compared to UlforceVeedramon this card is much better suited for turbo decks such as the Omegamon Turbo as it does not rely on fielding tamers.

Furthermore, being a LV6 this digimon can inherit effects with high synergy, such as [ST2-08] Weregarurumon for <SecurityAttack+1> and [BT1-041] Zudomon for memory+1. 

And lastly, do not forget that 2 copies of MetalGarurumon costs 500 yen (in the starter deck) while UlforceVeedramon would cost upward of 2000 yen per card! Talk about value!

Competitive value: 4/5
Art: 4/5 (beautiful lights and glacier from the seasoned digimon illustrator As'Maria, I felt cold just by looking at this card)

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