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15 October, 2020 | Rononrun


It is October 15, and we are 15 days to the official release of DCG's 3rd expansion set [BT-03] Union Impact. With Bandai revealing so many of the cards, we are now able to do a proper early review for this upcoming set! 

The SR cards

All 10 of the SR cards were revealed as of today. Personally I think that this is a terrific SR lineup as all 10 digimons here are extremely playable in competitive decks.

Not only does [BT3-018] BlitzGreymon have the anti-blocker <Piercing> effect but he also boasts the <De-Digivolve 2> effect when digivolved, making him the cheapest digimon with this effect so far (the only other digimons that has <De-Digivolve-?> are [BT2-66] Machinedramon and [P-015] Infermon, both very expensive as they only trigger when-played). Though being quite an expensive LV6 (at 4 cost) he does boast a grand 12000DP and is a dual-colored digivolve-able.

With his removal on digivolution, think of him as a mini Omnimon/Omegamon!

Oh lord [BT3-019] RagnaLordmon. What else can be said with this almost OHKO digimon. Watch him in action here to understand how terribly powerful he is.

With rookie rush decks mostly anchoring around blue, you will see a lot of [BT3-030] Leopardmon in post BT-03 rookie rush decks! 

[BT3-031] Imperialdramon Dragon-Mode has great synergy with Vee/dramons and Leopardmon (they all have <Jamming>) which makes for an extremely impressive swarm driver. He also only costs 3 memory when digivolved from Paildramon or Dinobeemon.

[BT3-043] Kentarosmon may not look like much at first glance, but his 'when-destroyed' effect can be very deadly when used with Kimeramon and Rematch. This is pretty interesting so i suggest watching him play here. Also worth mentioning that he could delay your demise by an entire turn when-digivolved, potentially turning the tides! 

Using your opponent's digimon as a candidate for <Download> is downright disgusting. Watch her in action here.

[BT3-073] CresGarurumon is a solid digimon. Not only is he dual-color digivolve-able but also allows you to summon a LV5 or lower digimon from your deck! Give him <Blocker> in black or <SecurityAttack+?> in red and you're set! 

[BT3-075] Craniummon is especially effective against red and violet/purple decks as he can grant your <Blocker> digimons immunity towards destruction-based effects which are ever present in red and purple decks! Pop a couple of him into your black deck as a safeguard against 2 colors, not bad!

[BT3-090] Mastemon is a double-edged sword, destroying a security for both players. We haven't yet got much reveals on yellow and purple LV3/4 digimons for BT-03 but does put yellow in better position for those "if your security is 3 or below" effects. As of this moment we think she is good reviving either <Blocker> digimons or Petermon. 

[BT3-091] Lilithmon, together with the purple [BT3-096] Mimi pushes purple into an option-centric deck. Gaining +2 memory whenever you play an option card (not limited to purple) is just pure beauty! With Kimeramon being staple in so many different decks we'd imagine seeing her in many non-purple decks post BT-03. Watch her in a blue rookie rush here!

The R and belows

In my opinion, red and black does not have very strong individual lineups below SR (other than Zubamon and Ludomon lines that are created to support RagnaLordmon). However for other colors there are many great digimons that should help to fill gaps seen in those colors so far! Below are some notable cards of these lesser rarities.

The BT3 Veemon and ExVeemon provide further improvements to the already-strong UlforceVeedramon deck. A LV3 <Jamming> digimon at 3/0 cost is just dirty!

[BT3-040] Shakkoumon provides an unprecedented level of security defence to not only yellow decks but also blue! [BT3-041] Cherubimon allows you to place 1 yellow digimon (any level) from your trash to your security whenever it attacks! Will yellow non-ShineGreymon decks be finally viable?

[BT3-046] Terriermon will definately become a staple in not only green decks post BT-03, while [BT3-058] BanchoStingmon is just pure nonsense strong! Green players are practically waiting to get their hands on these digimons!

Over at purple, servants [BT3-086] Arukenimon and [BT3-087] Mummymon allow you to repeatedly play and revive their master [BT3-092] MaloMyotismon, which poses a formidable presence when on the field. 

Tamers and Options

Memory control seem to be even more pronounced in BT-03 now that 3 of 4 Tamers grant this effect!

[BT3-099] Let's Stop Fighting makes rookie rushes much more formidable, while [BT3-107] That Was A Good Time can technically be a cheap LV5 removal option or an effective LV7 removal (against Omni/Omegamon and Milleniummon). [BT3-109] Rematch! on the other hand, is an absolutely insane option card considering its low 2-cost to play.

And Our Best Known Secret Rares

Both Omni/Omegamon Alter-S and BlackImperialdramonn has been teased but not printed as SRs, so they remain our best known Secret Rares! The BT-01 Omegamon remains the most-used digimon in competitive games, and his prices remain the highest for the longest time. Can this new Omni/Omegamon topple his BT-01 counterpart? 


BT-03 has a beautiful SR lineup, strong lower-rarities and a new Omni/Omegamon. Looking at the past 2 expansion sets, I think this one in particular has absolutely insane amount of value in its cards and variations. I am absolutely ecstatic over this set, and I give this a high 9/10! 

Are you equally excited for the release of BT-03? Let me know what you think in your comments!

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