Black: The Perfect Digivolve Chain

21 October 2020 | Thoughts | Rina


Black has not yet revealed their strength in tournament. There are not many winning black decks compared to the other colors (the most popular being red and blue). The current winning tournament decks are using the pillar digimons [BT2-083] Millenniumon and [BT2-065] Wargreymon. With the soon releasing BT-03 Union Impact booster set, the black army will become stronger with many LV6 digimons and 1 LV7 digimon revealed thus far. In this post, I would like to highlight the perfect digivolution chain that provides the best support. This digivolvution chain will be laid out from highest level (LV7) to the lowest (LV2 digitama). 

Black LV7

They say that once Millenniummon appears into the field, he cannot be killed (because of his "when destroyed" effect allowing him to revive without cost). Compared to Millenniummon, Ragnaloardmon is far cheaper (3 cost for digivolve, or 0 when you activate his effect), has <Reboot> and <SecurityAttack+1>, but can be destroyed by removal option cards such as [ST1-16] Gaia Force. However, if you can stockpile a bunch of <De-Digivolve-1> effects then he can inject powerful control to the board.

Black LV6 - cost or something else

If you plan to digivolve this digimon to level 7, choose a cheaper cost level 6 digimon or digimon with inheritable effect would be a better choice. Thanks to the upcoming BT-03 booster set, there are more LV6 black digimons for the player to choose from. Here are 3 digimons that seems perfectly to be used in digivolve-chain to level 7. [BT2-064] Hiandromon is the cheapest at 2 cost and 12000DP – a good candidate to turbo to LV7.  The [BT3-072] Bryweludramon grants , which is useful for both the above LV7 digimons, while [BT3-016] Durandamon grants to only Ragnalordmon in the usual black setup. 

Black LV5 - taking advantage of inheritables

For LV5 black digimonS, the best 2 candidates are [BT2-063] Metalgreymon (for his <SecurityAttack+1>) and [BT3-069] Raijiludomon (for his <De-Digivolve-1> when attacking). RaijiLudomon is better when you need some control, while Metalgreymon is better for aggro. 

Black LV4 - what else do you need

For choice of LV4s, we have the 2 prior digivolutions of those LV5 digimons mentioned earlier. [BT2-057] Greymon grants <Jamming> while [BT3-064] Tialudomon grants <De-Digivolve-1>. Greymon is only useful when you plan to security attack at LV5, so i think Tialudomon is a much better choice here if you have him on hand!

Black LV3 and LV2 - easy choices

The popular LV3 black digimon would be [BT2-055] Toyagumon for his <Reboot> inheritable. Also in this category, [P-013] Keramon can also be considered for the small DP buff during your opponent's turn.

The best LV2s are the 2 digitamas that are not only cute but also very useful. [BT2-005] Kapurimon grants a DP buff during your turn if you have <Reboot>, while [BT3-005] Kakkinmon provides the much-appreciated +1 memory when attacking..

Final Point

You will need blockers to protect your security pile as you are building your digivolution-chain to LV7. Luckily, there is an abundance of blockers in black!

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