Legend-Arms: New Way to play Red with BT-03 Union Impact

2 November 2020 | Deck Review | Rina


The BT-03 Union Impact just came at end of last month, provided more than 100 new cards for player to make a new deck. You can find out many new win-tournament decks if you browse our site deck list here (remember to check the deck with date from 31st Oct onward). I got my full attention on this totally new type, it is "Legend-Arms". "Legend-Arms", the new army that uses to build up to Ragnaloardmon, is currently very formidable and becomes hot topic to discuss its power within digimon players. I built a full-support Ragnaloardmon deck to play and managed to win consecutively 3-4 games. In this post, I talk about the Red legend-arms Ragnaloard that I have, I haven't try with black yet.

Legend-Arms: Why it's so strong

Not like other deck engine, it's quite easy to build a proper Ragnaloardmon evolution base. There are many cards to use in the deck, so the chance to get the correct digimon is very high. 

This is currently the hottest trio in digimon TCG world. [BT3-019]Ragnaloardmon is very cheap to digivolve compared to other LV7 digimon, but if you have another [BT3-016]Durandamon or [BT3-072]BryweLudramon to add-on for its evolution base, it gets +3 memory, so … free to play. When using these LV6 "Legend-Arms" together in digivolution source, Ragnaloard inherits both piercing and blocker, super powerful.

Note: Be careful if your opponent is playing the digimon with affect or option card that blocks your digimon gaining memory by its effect such as black [BT3-061] Chuumon or purple [BT3-077]Gazimon. If they are placing in the battle, the Ragnaloard cannot gain +3 memory even you add one more "Legend-Arms" LV6 into its evolution-base.

Why I said it is easy to build the digivolution up to Ragnaloard, here is it. The [BT3-008] Zubamon is a must to be added into your deck with maximum 4 cards. Playing this card to reveal top 5 cards in your deck to get 1 Ragnaloardmon and 1 other "Legend-Arms" digimon. There is 5 red cards with type "Legend-Arms" in BT-03 Union Impact (except for Ragnaloard), so I used all of them for my new red deck.

LV4 and LV5 digimon: more digimon to use

The main power of Ragnaloardmon is . If you read the deck engine "Ragnaloard Stockpile", you know that using the correct digimon from LV4 to LV6, the Ragnaloard can check security up to 4 times. The LV4 digimon [ST1-07]Greymon (not "legend-arms" type, but have <SecurityAttack+1> without any condition) and [BT3-010]Zubaeagermon add <SecurityAttack+1> if this is a LV7 digimon, so put 4 cards for each digimon into the deck. For LV5, the only "Legend-Arms" type [BT3-013]Duramon also gives <SecurtyAttack+1> for LV7 digimon. 

For Ragnalord deck, it is a good strategy to use [BT1-085]Tai Mamiya Tamer. First, it helps to secure 3 memories beginning of your turn. Second, it can help to add 1 more security check for this digimon if it builds up with 4 or more digivolution source. If you don't want to use or don't have this Tamer, you can use the option card [BT3-106]Beast Cyclone (3 costs) to add <security check+1> for your blocker or reboot digimon.

Dealing with opponent powerful Digimon

Normally player will try to build the digivolution in the raising area. Once it digivolves to LV7, it is moved to battle. But we always need to consider if the opponent have some powerful digimon, then [ST1-16] Gaia Force is a must for your deck. I put 4 cards of Gaia Force in my deck, and it really helps 

Consider Hard-Play from LV6

When I play this deck, sometime the draw is not so good, then I tried hard-play from LV6 digimon, Durandamon and Bryweludramon (with only 10 cost) if I have both LV6 "Legend-Arms" and Ragnaloardmon in my hand. Hard-play from beginning of the game is always less risk, the opponent don't have many cards to play, and they are also not sure if you have Ragnaloardmon to digivolve in next turn. It may not able to do <security check+5>, but with reboot, piecing and/or blocker, and <security check+1>, it can slowly destroy opponent security pile. Why don't you try out? 

Deck Reference for Legend-Arms Ragnaloard

Deck is here.

Here is the game: Ragnaloard against Green Megagargomon:

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