Blue: Power of Level 4 Digimons

6 Nov 2020 | Deck Review | Rina


The BT-03 Union Impact Booster did not give many blue digimons compared to other colors. These days people focus more on black-red Ragnaloard or green Ceresmon or purple Mastermon, the blue is getting faded, (haha). But actually, the low level blue digimon is showing their potential to be noticed in tournament, let's see what we can do to build a blue deck with this new tactics.

Jamming: we should not forget

Needless to say, blue is the color giving most jamming digimon. With jamming digimon, it cannot die when it checks security, so the deck need to include other supports that help them active to check more security.

There is 3 low level digimon in blue with jamming, those are [BT1-032] Frigimon, [BT2-026] Veedramon (need a blue tamer) and [BT3-021] Veemon. When we use these digimons to attack security, we need to find out the way to re-active them, else they are easy to be killed in next turn. 

Make it Active again

The hottest candidate for blue in BT-03 is [BT3-025] Exveemon, when digivolved (2 costs) 1 of your LV.4 or less digimon becomes active. Normally I will digivolve this digimon after attacking security with LV3 or LV4 jamming digimons. This digimon give 1 more security check when it re-actives another low level digimon. It can also digivolve to a rested LV3 digimon and becomes active again. 

The LV4 [BT1-036] Garurumon is also a good card to be used in the deck. When played, 1 of your digimon becomes active. We can either play it directly from your hand with 6 costs (if you have a lot of memories) or play it from digivolution source of [BT3-030] Leopardmon  or [BT1-044] Metalgarurumon for free. The Garurumon can use to re-active any rested digimon, no matter what its level. The Leopardmon also give jamming to all your LV4 or less digimon, it becomes the most worthy LV6 digimon to be used for this strategy. 

Another LV4 digimon, [BT1-115] Veedramon, a secret rare card, "when attacking, once per turn, if you have a tamer, make this digimon active". To use this card, I use the [BT1-098] V-Nova Blast (only 2 cost) to make this digimon jamming, check security one, due to Veedramon effect, this digimon active again and check one more time. 

More draw needed

Since we need a tamer to make Veedramon becomes jamming and re-active Veedramon, then use [P-012] Taichi. He is cheap (2 costs) and give <draw+1> when rested. The new blue digitama [BT3-002] Demiveemon, give <draw+1> if this digimon had jamming.

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