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The Digimon Card Game English version for starter decks Red, Blue and Yellow have just released on TODAY (27 Nov), at the same time with the booster box ver1.0. There is a huge excitement over the internet for the tamer in Western and North American. For Japan and Asia area, on the same day, 27th Nov 2020, there are 3 new starter decks that introduced to digimon player, those are ST4 (Giga Green), ST5 (Mugen Black) and ST6 (Venom Violet)

This post is going to focus on introducing new digimon's ability that haven't appear in previous starter decks and booster box (BT01, BT02 and BT03) or new powerful digimon.


Digi-Burst is introduced in all 3 new starter deck (green, black, violet). This is an optional ability, you can choose to digi-burst your digimon in order to trigger one specific effect of that card.

The digi-burst is the new ability of LV6 digimon. These 3 all have "Digi-Burst 2", meaning trash 2 card to trigger 1 effect.

For green [ST4-13] Herculeskabuterimon: by trashing 2 cards from this digimon's digivolution source, it can trigger the effect: Rest 1 of opponent's digimon. This effect is very valuable, it is equal to playing a Flower Cannon (2 costs) to rest 1 opponent's digimon.

For black [ST5-13] Blitzgreymon: by trashing 2 cards from this digimon's digivolution source, 1 of your digimon gets +4000DP until end of your opponent's next turn. This effect can be useful for the black non-reboot digimon that is resting after attacking in this turn. Adding 4000DP can protect it from getting destroy in opponent next turn.

For violet [ST6-13] Cresgarurumon: by trashing 2 cards from this digimon's digivolution source, you can play a LV3 purple digimon from trash for free. This is totally useful for Purple since the color super-ability is to revive digimon from trash. There is no mentioning in the card that you can or cannot trigger "when played" effect of that LV3 digimon, so i guess it can use "when played" effect.

New Inheritable Skill

For the green color, a new LV5 in starter deck [ST4-11] Megakabuterimon, inheritable effect: your turn, once per turn, When this digimon deletes an opponent's digimon in battle and survives, trash 1 of your opponent's security cards. I foreseen that this card will become very popular in tamer battle. This inheritable effect is even more valuable than "Piercing". With piercing effect, the digimon may be destroyed if it hits a digimon in security pile that has higher DP than itself. But with this inheritable effect, it simply destroy the opponent security from the top, don't care about DP.

For the black starter deck, I noticed that there is no special new skill in inheritable effect, but these cards catch my eyes. The [ST5-04] Toyagumon and [ST5-06] Greymon: End of opponent turn: If your opponent's digimon did not attack at all during this turn, trigger <Draw+1>. Black color is the color of defense, there is many blockers in black, the opponent will only attack when their digimon DP is higher than the blocker. That guarantees the chance to get <Draw+1> when using these cards inheritable effect is high. More draw would give more advantages for black color since almost no <draw+1> in black digimon effect.

New Powerful Digimon

If you are a purple tamer, you must be very excited over this card.

[St6-12] Venommysotismon, when digivolve: Until end of opponent's next turn, 2 of your digimon get <Retaliation>. This digimon double the value of the option card [BT3-108] Dark Despair (2 costs), that can only make 1 of your digimon get <Retaliation> (vengeance). You can use this digimon "when digivolving" effect to set <retaliation> for your resting digimon. 

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