Yellow, Why no Love


My First Thought

I have collected and uploaded around 300+ winning tournament decks, but whenever it comes to "Yellow", my excitement to see the deck getting low. The reason is, until now, from ST3, BT1 to BT3, Yellow deck is still stuck with ShineGreymon, the only one strong pillar that is always presenting in any yellow deck. It seems that Bandai haven't really focused and supported Yellow enough to make them stronger in Digimon TCG.

The [BT2-041] ShineGreymon: When digivolve: Rest all of your yellow Tamers, for every yellow tamer you put to rest, trigger the following effect: -4000DP to one of your opponent's digimon for this turn.

Your Turn: This digimon gains +1000DP for every tamer you have

This is also the only colors that puts many many tamers into its deck. There is deck that includes up to 12 Tamer cards. So when ShineGreymon comes to the battle, using the tamers can help to "deduct DP to 0" some of opponent's digimon.


Talking about Tamers, Yellow also has only 3 Tamers (The most tamers belong to Blue and Green). New Tamer is coming soon in BT4, [BT4-094] Tai Kamiya.

The new Tamer, Tai Mamiya will continue to support and strengthen ShineGreymon strategy, since it will gains 1 memory when an opponent's digimon is deleted by dropping to 0 DP (Shine power). 

Is there any other powerful Yellow Digimon?

BT3- Union Impact, has introduced the [BT3-043] Kentarosmon, a new LV6 digimon with 11000DP for Yellow. On the first week of BT3 releasing, many players have tried out with Kentarosmon to see if it can become a new pillar beside ShineGreymon, but the result is not as expected.


To be honest, Kentarosmon is not very strong for a LV6 digimon. When digivolve: up to 5 opponent's digimon get <Security Attack-2> until end of opponent's next turn -> which is only one turn. Second effect, when it's destroyed, 1 of opponent's digimon get -11000DP until end of this turn. This effect causes the opponent to avoid to attack this digimon if they have some valuable digimon that 11000DP or higher in the battle (except for the case when it got destroyed by security check). They will choose to attack only when their digimon are higher than 11000DP, or some low DP digimon there to sacrifice.


We hope to see more yellow winning tournament deck with more creative and strong strategy. We hope BT4 will give more power to this colors. If you have any good yellow strategy, do share us at

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