The Perfect Deck for Ceresmon Green


The Perfect Deck for Ceresmon Green

9 Dec 2020 | Deck Review | Rina


Green Ceresmon has a lots of advantages compared to other LV6 digimon in green or other colors. A strong green deck must focus on supporting Ceresmon to bring out its super-strategy to defeat the opponent fast.

The main power of [BT3-056] Ceresmon is in every turn "Once per turn". With this effect, Ceresmon can rest opponent's digimon to use the effect for its digimon. This is a huge advantageous, resting a opponent's digimon without using 2 cost option card Flower Cannon or Chiku Chiku Bang Bang, don't need to rest their digimon and up to 3 cost for its download digimon (save 3 memories) for its turn.

This is a perfect deck for Ceresmon that I am going to write deck-review for it. This deck is using 18 digimon cards of LV3, 14 digimon cards of LV4, 9 digimon cards of LV5, 7 digimon cards for LV6 and 2 option cards, no Tamer. From the look of it, it is surely an aggressive deck.

Using Download Digimon

Download digimon can be digivolved for free by resting an opponent's digimon if Ceresmon is presenting in the battle or rest 1 of your digimon to exchange for download digimon digivolve cost.

 There is 3 types of digimon is using in the deck, 8 cards for LV5 and 2 cards for LV4 digimon. LV4 digivolution cost is cheap, so there is no need to put many. The most efficient download digimon is [BT2-047] Argomon, its inheritable effect is: you can play a LV3 digimon in rest state for free when this digimon attacks. This is the reason why this deck stocks a lots of LV3 digimon. You will feel like you are playing against a Rookie-Rush deck when you are playing againts this Ceresmon deck.

Supporting Role

[BT3-103] Hidden Potential Discovered is currently the most used option card in green colors. Sometimes I feel it is not fair because green receives too many favors from Bandai (just kidding). With zero cost option card, you may suspend 1 of your digimon to reduce up to 5 cost when digivolve. This card is used when there is chance to digivolve from LV5 to Ceresmon LV6 for zero cost

Ceresmon only has 12000DP so it cannot deal with LV7 digimon such as Ragnaloard, Omega/Alter-S, Omnimon.. Using combo of Ceresmon or [BT3-057] Megagargomon to rest LV7 digimon, then use [BT3-058] BanchoStingmon to destroy the digimon that has 12000DP or higher and do <SecurityAttack+2>. Depend on the situation, the player can use option card "Hidden Potential Discovered" to digivolve from LV5 to LV6 for zero cost.

Blocker [ST4-08] Kabuterimon is a must to put 4 cards in this deck. The Ceresmon, once it is presenting in the battle, it needs to stay alive as long as possible. So blocker needs to be there to block attack to Ceresmon, except for the case if opponent uses option card or reduce DP to delete Ceresmon

About low level digimon

This deck uses a bunch of LV3 and LV4 digimon that takes advantage from opponent resting digimon to gain DP or rest low DP digimon. The [BT1-066] Tentomon can even rest a digimon with 3000DP or less (normal LV3 digimon). The [BT2-004] Argomon digitama also helps to gain 1 memories if this digimon active during active phase. If hands are out of cards, can play [ST4-03] Tentomon to reveal 1 card from top and take to hands if it is a green digimon.


This deck is very fast, very aggressive. The 2 cost LV3 digimon is used to play directly, then is rested to trigger download effect. If it is given 3 memories from opponent for its turn, it can digivolve from LV3 to LV6 and do more resting on opponent's digimon. As long as more opponent's digimon are rested, there is limit of attacking in opponent's turn.

It is a good idea to not give Green too much memory for their turn if they don't use Tamer and trying to destroy Ceresmon as soon as possible with option card. 

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