Early Review for BT-04 Great Legend

11 Dec 2020 | Thoughts | Rina


BT-04 Great Legend booster box is coming next week, but today Bandai has already published all the cards in their website. Seeing all these new digimon cards, players are planning to build their new deck with new strategy. In this post, digimonmeta will discuss about some main strength that BT04 bringing to us.

More ways to deal with Rookie Rush

These LV6 digimon, 2 of green and 1 of yellow, that are able to make the Rookie-Rush deck scares. The [BT4-049] Varodurumon, by trashing 3 cards of this digimon digivolution source, all of opponent's digimon get -4000DP. The Rookie-Rush digimon is normaly LV3 low cost digimon, their DP are just around 2000 or 3000. So using this digimon to reduce DP to zero will be super effective way to swipe out the rookie. The second digimon, [BT4-060] Lotosmon, at all turn – if opponent's plays a LV4 or lower digimon, suspend that digimon. This card help to suspend them so it can be destroyed in your turn. But if you are not able to destroy them, those digimon will be active in their next turn. The other green LV6 digimon, [BT4-062] Nidhoggmon, when digivolving: by trashing 4 cards in digivolution source if this digimon, you can suspend all of opponent digimon with 5000DP or less. Then, place all opponent's suspended digimon at the bottom of their decks in any order.

The Varodurumon and Nidhoddmon must be digivolved from LV2 digitama or LV3digimon, which is heavy constrained to protect it and safely build up to LV6. Once <digi-burst> is used to trigger the effect, they become a normal digimon (because they would have no more evolution source). At the other hand, Lotosmon main effect is active in both player's turn. So if the opponent don't destroy the Lotosmon, she will keep suspend the low level digimon if they are played. 

The lonely Digimon

The [BT4-115] Lucemon is perhaps the most wanted digimon in BT-04. Not for its power, but for its uniqueness. Lucemon is the only digimon that does not have a digivolve cost indicator. He must be hard played and cannot digivolve (at least for now) so he potentially be played in any deck color. 

While it is conditional to play him, but it is possible to build magnificent synergy with cards that play LV3 digimons at no cost, such as [BT2-039] Magnadramon and [BT3-039] Angewomon. 

It is also a mystery on how this card could potentially digivolve due to stating "All Turns" in this Lucemon's digivolution condition. Could "All Turns" indicate a new way of digivolution in the future? Exciting…

A LV6 Digimon that costs 3 cost to play

First of all, if you want to play this card, [BT4-074] DarkDramon, you must have a least 3 memories left on your side to play (because it costs 13), then you can retrieve up to 5 [D-Brigade] type digimon cards from trash to top of your deck to recover up to 10 memories. Once it plays, it can use to attack directly at that turn. Such a powerful force for Black colors.  By the way, to use him, the deck must use a lots of [D-Brigade] type digimon and get destroyed to be moving to trash. 

Yellow getting Stronger

Finally, Yellow gets their LV7 digimon! [BT4-091] Chaosmon: Valdur Arm. This card can be a game changer for yellow decks that has always relied too much on ShineGreymon builds and bulky tamer plays. Together with [BT4-048] WarGreymon and [BT4-049] Valdurmon, there are now more viable digivolution routes that do not rely on Shine. This yellow LV7 also renewed interests for some previous digimons such as [BT1-062] SlashAngemon

(Hikari) Kami Kamiya can be a game changer!

Still very underrated, Taichi's cute little sister can be a game changer when used correctly. Under memory control scenarios, imagine using her to stop your opponent's security checks where you can simply rest 1 or 2 of her to bring an end to your opponent's turn right after they check 1 of your security. If you have another memory-reset tamer, you get to always go back to 3 memory right after that! Goodbye rookie rushes and securty attack +1s.


Red and Blue Tamers can become digimon too

From now on, blue and red tamer can become LV3 digimon to digivolve to LV4 digimon, why dont we use 2-cost cheap tamer for this new ability. There are 4 digimon that can digivolve from a Tamer, they are [BT4-025] Lobomon, [BT4-027] Garumon, [BT4-011] Agunimon and [BT4-013] Vritramon.

Haha. I want to become a digimon too!

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