Deck Review: An Over-Power Megazoo Deck.


Megazoo deck type is only started after BT03 Union Impact released, because there is more high level digimon introduced. It is kind of tiring to play against a Megazoo deck, they give you a lots of memory but if you don't have a good draw from beginning then you get stuck. 

As you can see, this deck uses 13 cards of LV7 digimon, 21 cards of LV6 digimon, no LV5 and LV4, 8 LV3 blue digimon and 8 option cards. The digitama is blue colors. Considering all the combos that are using in this deck, I think this deck is quite formidable. This deck is created by a Tamer in Japan named Kuroagi. You can find out by using searching keyword "megazoo" in our site deck-list.

Ragnaloardmon Combo

The trio powerful Legend-Arms is using in this deck to minimize the cost when digivolve from LV6 to Ragnaloardmon.

[BT3-019] Ragnaloardmon has SecurityAttack+1 and Reboot. To digivolve to him with zero cost, we can put a LV6 [BT3-016] Durandamon or [BT3-072] Bryweludramon under Ragnaloard evolution base. This is a good strategy for Megazoo. The LV6 Durandamon and Bryweludramon takes 10 costs to play and has 4 copies of each of them in the deck. They are contributing either Piercing or Blocker in their inheritable effect to give LV7 more power. If you cannot draw Ragnaloardmon, you can also digivolve these LV6 to LV7 Ommimon-Alter S or Milleniummon or Chaosmon.

Anti-Rookie Strategy

Rookie-Rush green/blue is no longer popular after BT04 Great Legend released, but there is some new types of rookie are introduced such as blue/red hybrid digimon type rookies, purple rookie, black d-brigade rookie. People still love to bring their Rookie deck to tournament to try out their luck, so why not got prepared for whatever it comes.

The [BT2-016] Volcanicdramon is quite useful for Megazoo deck. We can play him to destroy all opponent's digimon with 4000 or less DP, Attack Security in next turn, then digivolve to LV7 Omimon ALter-S, Chaosmon,  Millenniummon or Ragnaloardmon. The [BT3-112] Omnimon Alter-S can "de-digivolve 1" to all opponent's digimon and then destroy all opponent's digimon with 5000DP or less. This deck uses 4 copies of Omnimon Alter-S (expensive cards) to ensure this strategy. I always think the Omnimon Alter-S is very powerful to clean the opponent's board. The other LV7 digimon, Milleniumon and Chaosmon, create another disaster when they appear in the battle. The advantage of Millenium is, it can return 1 opponent's digimon to bottom of their deck, come back to life after get destroyed by removing its digivolution source, for Chaos – it can target unsuspended digimon, which is very useful to destroy a powerful digimon in opponent side.

Recovery Security Pile

Megazoo gives opponent more memories to play, they sure manage to attack security fast even you have blocker. That is why we need [BT2-039] Magnadramon, can recover up-to 2 security cards when it played. There is 4 copies is using in this deck. There is no LV7 digimon that is yellow color, so this card cannot move up to LV7, and no LV3 yellow digimon in the deck.. so it is only used here to recovery.

Blocker is a must

These are LV6 that is a blocker or contribute blocker in its inheritable effect. [BT3-075] Craniamon (13 costs to play) is a blocker shield that always appear in Megazoo deck. All type of option card such as Red Gaia Force or Purple Trump Sword becomes useless against him or his team's blocker. He also cannot be de-digivoled because there is no evolution base for him in Megazoo. So opponent has to return to bottom of the deck or return to hand or attack it when it is in rest state. The other blocker is  [BT2-066] Machinedramon, can "de-digivolve 2" to 2 of opponent's digimon.  Both Craniamon or Machinedramon can be digivolved to LV7 if the situation needed. Then here it comes… The option card [ST2-15] Wolf Claw is also very important to any megazoo deck. Play it with only 4 cost, you can play Craniamon, Machinedramon or Vocanicdramon for free from a LV7 digivolution source. 

More Draw Needed

In this deck, digitama and LV3 blue digimon is using to provide draw power. 

The combo digitama Demiveemon and Veemon (jamming) is to give "Draw+1> when attacking and Gabumon gives "Draw+1" when played. 


Overall, this deck has already prepared for many scenarios, it is quite balancing in distribution. I foreseen this deck may be weak against Ceresmon Green "Download" deck. We will try out the game and post the feature game for this post. Stay tune.

Feature Game

We used some proxies for the deck because we don't have enough card. In this 3 games, I play megazoo and my opponent play green bancho-nidhoggmon deck. I don't know if people arranged their deck before going tournament… but it is really hard for me to have a good draw with megazoo deck. I always feel stuck – LOlx. You can try out to feel it.

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