Deck Review: A Fast and Furious Ragnaloard Legend-Arms Deck


Ragnaloardmon is one of my favorite LV7 digimon. Many players choose Omegamon to be pillar in their red deck and I also dont see many decks that builds around Ragnaloardmon in tournament. Ragnaloardmon is the cheapest LV7 digimon to digivolve from LV6, it costs ZERO if you put one of legend-arms LV6 under its digivolution source.

This deck is created by Joshua from Malaysia, and as a Ragnaloard Legend-arms player experiences, I can say this deck has a very good arrangement, and it can be faster than my Ragnaloard deck. You can check out my Ragnaloard deck here , I brought this deck to tourney and when I have nice draw, I can win the game in just 4-5 of my turn, it is very fast. My deck is to be properly build evolution-base from LV2/3 to LV7, but Joshua's deck is more flexible to hard-play from LV4 with only 3 costs (Fugamon). His deck also use [Bt3-062] Ludomon, a LV3 legend-arms in black color to draw Ragnaloard and other Legend-arms digimon faster.

This deck uses 12 LV3 digimon, but only 8 of them can use for digivolving in red color, the Ludomon is used to hard play with 3 costs. There is 10 cards LV4, 9 cards of LV5, 8 of LV6 and 5 LV7 for Ragnaloard (3 copies) and 2 copies of Omegamon. The deck use 2 tamers (Tai Kamiya – 4cost – to add security+1 if your digimon has 4 or more in digivolution source) and 4 Gaia Force. The Omnimon/Omegamon, when using in this deck, it can inherit all effects from its evolution source's digimon which is make it more powerful such as security+2/3 in each turn, then remove a LV6 digimon to make Omegamon active again. So if there is a good build under it, combines with Tai Kamiya Tamer effect, the Omegamon can check up to 8 securities in its turn only (Assume the evolution source is build from LV2 to LV6 with LV4 Zubaeagermon and either LV5 Duramon or Volcdramon inside) . When you build the evolution source for Omegamon, in this case, it is safer to just let it stay in raising area when your Omegamon cannot attack in the turn it is digivolved from LV6. So when it come out in next turn, you will just finish the game in one turn. The benefit of Legend-arms deck is it has Piercing from LV6 Durandamon, so even there is blocker in opponent's side also cannot stop Omegamon or Ragnaloardmon from attacking security. 

Note: Ragnaloardmon deck is a very cheap deck compared to other Meta deck. Except for 2 copies of Omegamon in this deck, the whole Legend-Arms is easy to draw and easy to buy. You can check out the price of these cards in out Price-Guide page.

Feature Game

This video is when I play my Ragnaloardmon deck agaist Green Bancho-Megagargo deck. You can watch it to see how fast the Legend-Arms deck can move. 

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  1. Do you know where you got that playmat with Kari and Gatomon? It looks great, but I couldn't find anything matching it with a quick google search.

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