Digimon Card Game: How to Know Which Color suits you the Most

8 Jan 2021 | Thoughts | digimonmeta

My Thoughts

Digimon Card Game gives us 6 colors to choose (actually there is 7 colors, but white color cannot standalone). To understand the game sense, to figure out which color suits you the most – in my opinion, you need to start with its starter deck. It's  good to read this "Hello Colors" post to get a little idea about them first.

Bandai first released 3 starter decks for red, blue and yellow in the first batch with BT01 and BT02, these are golden time for Red and Blue in tourney. At that time, nobody play Green, as well as Purple or Black. There are some cards used in deck to make it hybrid such as Puppetmon or Kimeramon. But after BT3 and BT4, Green is always leading in tourney, and Yellow makes a shining come-back after sleeping for so long time, Purple growing strong with promo card and Black is still here and there when nobody know how to play it effectively yet.

So Which Colors suits you the Most?

When we first approached the Digimon Card Game, when there is only red, yellow, and blue starter deck with BT01 available to buy, I chose Red and my partner chose Yellow. This is also my first time playing card-game in my life, I also don't know how to play and what is the game sense. My partner has to teach me everything (since he also played many card game before) including rule, how to play … And when I know how to play this game properly, do you know that I always win him with my red starter deck against his Yellow starter deck. It is not because I play better than him, it is the red starter deck is stronger than the slow Yellow starter deck. 

I am very aggressive, I like to attack so the Red suits me the most. Red is very bad in defense, so if there is any deck that moving faster, red will be "high chance" losing the game. The yellow way of reducing opponent's DP, recovery and 'security attack -x' to opponent's digimon are not formidable and fast enough to win the game. The Blue color may be the most balance and stable starter deck in all colors, I think. Blue starter deck defines blue most suited strategy: remove digivolution source, manipulate those non-digivolution source digimon to avoid them from attacking or blocking, gain more memory, and can attack security + x. The game pace with blue is medium, a proper blue game can really corner their opponent in moving on their game. Blue is tricky and strategic, but it is not as complicated as purple. For those who enjoy manipulating the game, you should try to play with blue. 

Green: Debut late but already strong with BT* support

The second most stable and strong starter deck is green. Green is annoying, I hate the chiku-chiku bang bang (picture) or flower cannon the most. I got angry when I play against green (bad of me, cannot control myself). If your digimon got reboot, it is nothing for them, they will just "chiku chiku bang bang" that digimon to put it to rest mode. The green starter deck does not provide a solid strategy as blue deck, but we can figure out the style to play green. Green later provides a fastest way to digivolve with download effect, and with Mimi Tachikawa tamer, it even hatches egg faster and/or move to battle in the same turn it's hatched. 

Nail Bone

Nail Bone is the most valuable card (an option card) in Purple starter deck. Player uses it to retrieve a LV4 blocker and a LV3 digimon from Trash to battle without paying its cost. This is also defining the way of playing Purple: Check Out Your Trash.

"Trash" is the most active place in Purple battle field. There is many Purple Meta that is keep digging trash to retrieve its digimon or option card such as Lilithmon, Mastermon or Beelzemon. To be honest, counting cards in trash is not my style, so I categorize Purple to the most complicated and strategic color. 

Until now Purple still havent been the strongest in tourney, playing purple is also not easy. You really have to think hard when playing a purple deck, the game is very slow because they keep counting and checking their trash, they even lost the game because there is no more card to draw. So if you are the type of love to think, to program the game, then try to build a Purple deck and have fun with your friends.

Black: A whole Blocker Brigade

Talking about black, I really don't have much to write, except for ahhh… it is full of blockers. It is hard to make a pure black deck that can scare people in the tourney. If they are blocker then they wont attack you, they will try their best to stay in active mode. Then they have reboot, the most supportive effect for black, [Bt2-055] Toyagumon, can help them to attack then stay active in opponent's turn. There are 3 cards in black starter deck that is considered a bit useful, those are [St5-03] Agumon – a cheap LV3 blocker rookie, can attack without cost, [ST5-08] Darktyrannomon – only 1 cost to digivole and [St5-11] Megadramon gives "blocker" in inheritable effect. 

Black deck is fun to play with your friends or your family, but not fun to play in tournament, you know nobody want to lose in tourney. Black is too defensive and not fast enough to create a lead in the game. 


Digimon Card Game is really fun to play, and since now it is still cheap and affordable, why don't you try to play with all the color to see which one suits you the most. Don't just buy a deck, buy a carton and all starter decks to try out. Don't throw away the common or uncommon card, keep it with you, it may be not useful now, but later it will be used by some new digimon. 

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