Deck Review: Purple Cresgarurumon Deck



The core of this deck uses essentially the ST-6 purple starter deck, with some additions from the earlier BT-02 expansion set. This is a purple deck that is fun to play, rather cheap to run, and you can substitute any of the cards you do not have without losing too much.

Main Winning Condition

Cresgarurumon has <SecurityAttack+1>, which is currently rather rare ability among purple digimons. Digivolve him from [BT2-078] Weregarurumon to inherit its effect allowing Cresgarurumon to unsuspend once when attacking, which however requires destroying one of your other pokemon. With this combo, Cresgarurumon will be able to check 4 security cards within a turn.

This combo requires destroying one of your digimons to unsuspend Cresgarurumon. Any of your lower DP or rested digimons make good candidates. If you do not have one, use Cresgarurumon's <Digi-Burst 2> effect to play a LV3 from your trash: [BT4-079] Labramon and [ST6-04] Dracmon make great candidates with their <On Play> effects. Dracmon can also return a [ST6-15] Death Claw to your hand.

Death Claw synergizes well with Cresgarurumon, allowing you to delete your opponent's LV4 or lower digimon, which include most blocker digimons. Cresgarurumon will be able to deal maximum security damage when he is not blocked.

Board Control

When setting-up my board, I use a few cards for board control. [BT4-081] Devimon to destroy LV3 digimons, and [BT4-112] Hell's Gate to destroy digimons at LV6 or higher. [BT4-089] Plutomon is also handy for additional draw power and free-play Hell's Gate, so you can run a copy or two. Use [BT2-083] Milleniummon for that additional ramp and board control.

Since this deck runs a decent number of cheap option cards, I've also included [BT3-096] Mimi Tachikawa to take advantage of my own option plays as well as to flip my opponent's game since quite a number of tiered decks in this meta run option cards.

This deck also has decent security strength, with 4 removal option cards, 3-4 tamer cards, and 7 digimons that have 12000 DP or higher.

Feature Game

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