Combo to Attack Security ALL at ONCE in RED


Red is fast when talking about attacking security, here we list out the combo with its cost for you to consider when forming a red deck. These numbers are not considered with support from Tamer or option cards or add-on DP from digitama or LV3 Agumon (if in use), assume the digivolution source is building from LV2 digitama.

Omegamon play in Red

  • DP : 15000
  • Memory cost: 13 to check up to 6 securities
  • Memory cost: 12 to check up to 4 securities

Ragnaloardmon in Red

  • DP : 14000 with Piercing
  • Memory cost: 8 to check up to 4 securities
  • Constraint: Legend-Arms LV6 is needed to save 3 cost to digivolve to Ragnaloard.


  • DP : 13000
  • Memory cost: 10 to check up to 5 securities

[ST1-11] WarGreymon

  • DP : 12000
  • Memory cost: 9 to check up to 5 securities
  • Disadvantage: Low DP

Option and Tamer

Using Tamer (Tai Kamiya) to add security check and option card Scrap Claw to add piercing (deal with blocker) or option-jamming (Precise Tactics – deal with opponent's option card in security pile) or to add DP (Wing Blade).

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