Deck Review: Why Green Nidhogg Deck is so Strong


If you check our site deck-list collection for all nidhogg decks, there is the same format that is used for almost all of them. Nidhoggmon is debut in BT04 Great Legend, the card art is not very nice so people don't really want to collect him. In spite of his ugly art, his effect is a real deal to consider. Nighoggmon deck is also a cheap deck, Nidhoggmon and Chaos/Valdurarm are the only SR cards using in the deck, they are both very affordable. 

There is 16 cards for LV3 digimon, 11 cards for LV4 digimon, 9 cards for LV5, 7 cards for LV6, 3 for LV7 and 4 cards for option. There is no Tamer using in this deck. In this post, we will discuss why this deck (or deck that is same same with this Nidhogg deck) is so strong. Nidhoggmon deck is currently leading in tourney in both number of players playing it and victory it achieves.

Cheap and Fast

This deck uses all the cheap cost to digivolve in LV4 and LV5 digimon, if they are not cheap then they have "download" effect which is even cheaper. The normal download green deck will use a lot of LV3 digimon to use for download effect. 

Green is the only color that have both blocker in LV4 and LV5 that is cheaper to digivolve (1 cost [ST4-07] Kabuterimon from starter deck and 2 cost [BT2-048] Cherrymon). The [BT1-071] Vegiemon is also popular because of its cheap cost in both playing and digivolving. The other LV5 Agomon and Blossomon are "download" type, they can suspend one of their LV3 digimon to digivolve to them for free. This is the main winning condition for green deck. To understand how fast they can be to digivolve to Nidhogg mon, you may want to check out our engine for Nidhogg here.

Memory Cost is never their concern

I think everyone know this cards, and everyone, if playing against green, hates this card… It is [BT3-103] Hidden Potential Discovered!. This card is the most used option card in green deck, and always presenting with 4 copies. It is the key point to make to green strong and scary. It makes the sequences to digivolve from LV3 to LV6 or LV7 becomes free of cost. It is so unfair.

Beside the Hidden Potential, I'd like to give you a hint about the LV2 digitama [BT2-004]Argomon, this is the most useful digitama (i think) in all colors. I got played with friends that using this digitama in their deck. He has 2 digimon on the field with this Argomon in digivolution source, every turn this can add 2 more memory for them, 2 memories is a lot for green. So when you see digimon with this card in digivolution source, if possible, destroy them first to avoid this giving free memory in their turn.

The combo of Nidhogg and HerculesKabuterimon

I believe this is the conversation Nidhogg and HerculesKabuteri discuss when they approach the battle.

Nidhogg: Hey, Hercules, so you are here too.
Hercules: Yeah, they force me to come to support you. So what we should do?
Nidhogg: You help me suspend 2 big boss over there, leave the small as it is, then I send them all to bottle of their deck.
Hercules: Okay, I can do that. How about that big commander?
Nidhogg: Oh, leave him to Chaos, He will take care of it.

And that is the story how the opponent's board is clear-out.

To avoid your board to be clean this way, try to destroy the Hercules before Nidhoggmon appears, and when you see the green is building the digivolution source in raising area and refuse to move out, it means they are waiting for Nidhogg, so avoid to let your digimon with high DP staying in rest state. Once you let them rest, Nidhogg will send them all to bottom of the deck. 

Deck Reference

There is many many Nidhogg deck in the deck-list. Check them out.

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