Combo to use with BT5 ChaosDukemon


A new purple SR LV6 digimon, [Bt5-081] ChaosGallantmon (ChaosDukemon), is very powerful and useful for purple deck strategy overall. There is 2 main effect this card provide:

Effect 1: <When Digivolving> You may delete one of your other Digimon to delete one of your opponent’s LV5 or lower Digimon.
Effect 2: <Your Turn><Once Per Turn> When one of your other digimon is deleted, you may play 1 purple LV3 Digimon from your trash without paying its memory cost. Any <On Play> effect on Digimon played with this effect don’t activate.

Combo to play with ChaosGallantmon

For the deck using ChaosGallantmon, we need to include many LV3 digimon in the deck, especially those come with "when destroyed" (On deletion) effect to make use of ChaosGallantmon's both effects or those LV3 that needs 2 costs to play. BT5 already provided [BT5-072] Fake Agumon Expert and [BT5-071] Guilmon with very useful "On Deletion" effect that is a must to put into the deck. The LV5 digimon [BT2-078] WereGarurumon is the best choice for Dukemon evolution base. This WereGarurumon gives the inheritable effect : When attacking, once per turn, by destroying one of your other digimon, this digimon becomes active. In your turn, you can claim the attack first, then destroy one of your LV3 digimon to make this digimon active again. After that, you can trigger the second effect of Dukemon to play a LV3 from trash without playing its cost. And since this combo would always destroy some digimon in its turn, why not include  LV4 [BT2-073] Garurumon, it can help to gain more memory when your other digimon got destroyed

In this post, we also would like to introduce 2 other combos that should benefit from ChaosGallantmon second effect. 

The combo of [BT4-083] Cerberusmon and [BT4-086] Cerberusmon: werewolf mode is now became widely use in purple color. The Cerberusmon has draw power to enable draw 2 "on deletion", and Cerberusmon-werewolf mode can come to attack in the same turn. In the other post, we also mention about using the Rematch! option card to bring this digimon back to life if it dies during battle, so you can delete the Cerberusmon then play the werewolf-mode for free, then cast the Rematch! option card to whichever digimon depends on the game situation. If this deck has ChaosGallantmon places in battle, it can take trigger the second effect to revive a LV3 digimon from trash when we delete the Cerberusmon to play "Cerberusmon:werewolf mode" for free. 

Same with Cerberusmon combo, the combo of using [BT3-087] Mummymon and [BT3-092] Malomyotismon is the same. The LV5 Mummymon can attack either opponent's digimon or security, then paying 3 memory to play LV6 Malomyotismon without playing its cost, and destroy Mumymon after that. The Necrophobia option card is designed to play with this combo if the deck's strategy is to play LV6 Malomyotismon. The ChaosGallantmon, if in battle, can revive 1 level 3 digimon from trash after we destroy the Mumymon to summon Malotismon. 

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