The Best First Draw for Megazoo Deck.



With the increment of digimon card from Booster Box, there is many more players build and play Megazoo in tournament. For now, the popular megazoo is for Chaosmon, Omegamon (Omnimon) and Ragnaloardmon. Megazoo is type of deck that easy to get stuck hand the most, it doesn't have draw power, so you can imagine what would happen if you are not able to draw LV3 digimon or the option card to give you more draw.

Most of the Megazoo deck would have at least these digimon  or option card in their deck, the other digimon will be depend on what LV7 they are playing.

All the Megazoo deck will use the maximum copies of Magnadramon and Puppetmon, it is a must. [Bt2-039] Magnadramon is to recover up-to 2 security when played and [BT2-049] Puppetmon will rest 1 opponent's digimon and all opponent's digimon cannot make active in opponent's next turn, this help to at least delay one more turn of security attacking. 

For the option card, if the deck is using LV2 blue digitama Demiveemon and LV3 jamming Veemon, then Wolf Claw (Kaiser Nail) will be use in their deck. Wolf Claw is in the best use to take out LV6 Puppetmon or Volcanicdramon from digivolution source to trigger their "when played" effect. If the Megazoo deck uses LV2 digitama and LV3 digimon in red color, then Gaia Force (Terra Force) will be included. In my opinion, Gaia Force is too expensive to use so red would not be in my preferable choice for Megazoo. Using blue will give more draw power from Demiveemon digitama because its LV3 is jamming digimon, and also can use [ST2-16] (7 costs) to return 1 of opponent's digimon to their deck.

First Draw for Megazoo

So what is perfect first draw for Megazoo? what is the Megazoo player want it the most to claim their victory with a first most wanted draw?

A first draw should have a LV3 digimon to get one more draw when digivolvin. For blue, it is obvious to use the combo "Veemon" for digitama and LV3 jamming for draw power. For red, I would recommend to use "when destroyed" LV3 digimon effect Byomon to gain 1 memory when destroy, or combo [BT2-001] Gigimon and [BT2-011] Vorvomon to have this digimon with 6000DP (meet condition that opponent has 5 or more cards in their trash), it equals to a normal LV4 blocker DP.

The first draw also should have the combo of Magnadramon and Puppetmon for safety as a ready-to-use for megazoo strategy and a less than 10 cost to play digimon (if you have to play first turn). The other combo of  2 cards to expect to draw early would be a LV7 Chaosmon digimon and Kaiser Nail for blue, or a LV6 Legend arms and Ragnaloard for red legendarm deck. For the Megazoo deck, it is safe to put more digimon with play cost 10 or less, else if opponent control the memory you won't have enough memory to play mega digimon and you have to pass the turn (give opponent 3 memories for nothing and wast 1 turn). There is not many useful 10 costs LV6 to play, so you can use the LV5 digimon [BT1-060] Magnaangemon to have <recovery+1> without the condition that you have 3 or less security. If you put LV6 with 13 cost or more to play, then you must include Tamer in the deck, else the chance to get stuck in the game is high.

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