Omegamon Zwart Play in Purple


[BT5-087] Omegamon Zwart was just introduced yesterday for BT5 battle of Omega. With this new LV7 digimon, purple color will be more confident in the tourney, not to say it is powerful now.

As other LV7 digimon, it takes 6 costs to digivolve from LV6 to Omnimon Zwart. It has the same power with Blue/Red Omegamon in BT1, that can remove a LV6 to trigger one effect. For Omnimon Zwart, by return a LV6 digimon from its evolution source to hand, then can destroy an opponent digimon with 12 cost to play or less (around the cost to play LV6 digimon). [BT1-084]Omegamon, if we plays with Shoutmon DX, it can have multiple LV6 under its digivolution source. There is no same scheme in Purple for now, so it only has 1 LV6 under Omnimon Zwart digivolution source. 

Combo to play with Omegamon Zwart

There is 2 main effects of Omnimon Zwart, the first effect is triggered when it is digivolved: trash 3 cards on top of your deck, then can play up-to 2 digimon that have 8 cost to play or less from trash without paying its cost. Digimon Card Meta would recommend LV6 [ST6-13] Cresgarurumon, and a LV5 with "When Played" effect Kimeramon

When we build digivolution source for Cresgarurumon, we can build it in raising area to keep it safe. Once we move out, we can do digiburst-2 twice to play 2 LV3 digimon. The digi-burst (twice) from Cresgarurumon provides at least 1 LV5, 1 LV4 and 1 LV3 digimon in trash. After checking security or attack opponent's digimon with this digimon, we can digivolve to Omegamon Zwart from this Cresgarurumon to retrieve up-to 2 digimon from trash. We can choose to retrieve Kimeramon, and/or a blocker or a retaliation digimon. With [BT2-077] Kimeramon, we can destroy 1 LV3 digimon that played during Cresgarurumon digibursting to destroy 1 of opponent's LV5 or less

Beside the combo of Kimeramon and Cresgarurumon, we also can consider Cerberusmon combo. If we can retrieve [BT4-083] Cerberusmon during digivolution phase of Omegamon Zwart, we can destroy this digimon to play LV5 [BT4-086] Cerberusmon:werewolf Mode and attack opponent's digimon or security at same turn. It's too bad because Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode takes 9 costs to play… if it's 8 cost, then we can retrieve from trash for free with Omegamon Zwart effect. The benefit of using Cerberusmon is because "when destroyed", it gives 'draw 2 then trash 1', more cards more choice to play.

Using the diguburst LV6 digimon is to make sure you have more digimon in trash to revive. Purple promo-card [P-027] MetalGarurumon can be used in Omegamon Zwart deck, digiburst 2 with its digivolution source to play Nail Bone, or Necrophobia or Trump Sword for free. After solving all its digiburst thing, we can digivolve this digimon to Omegamon Zwart. Metalgarurumon only takes 3 costs to digivolve, make sure you build them inside the nursery, or include a LV4 with retaliation in its inheritable effect, so even if it stays in the battle, opponent would not want to kill attack him. To increase the robust and flexible in the game, the combination of Metalgarurumon, Cresgarurumon and Omegamon Zwart sounds good to be together. I will definitely try out. 

Because it takes 6 costs to digivolve to LV7 Omnimon Zwart, so there is high risk that the turn will end after digivolving. Then opponent will try to destroy, return to hand or deck to avoid his powerful "when attacking" effect. So to achieve both "When digivolving" and "when attacking" effects, we must use the new option card in BT5 [BT5-109] Fuse into the ultimate digimon, this option card can make the digivolving cost minus 6 (meant "0") then we can do attacking at the same turn. It is enough help of him to retrieve 2 LV5 from trash and destroy a digimon "with 12 cost or less to play" when attacking during his appearance in the battle. 

Tamer card [BT5-092] Nokia Shiramine became a life saver for red, blue, purple and black deck with her support. With her play in battle, it can reduce 1 cost of digivolving into "*garurumon", "*Greymon" or "*Omnimon*".  Spending 3 cost to play her also give a chance to play a Agumon or Gabumon from hand without paying its cost, it is equal to spend 3 cost to play a LV3 digimon but now it comes with a Tamer. It is good to have 4 copies of her in the deck and play her whenever you can draw her from deck.

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