Deck Review: A Diaboromon Deck


Diaboromon is not widely used in tournament deck, because there is 2 main weaknesses: first, his DP is low – only 10000, and second we cannot digivolve him to any LV7 digimon because he is a white color digimon, so basically this deck would only stop at LV6, and it is a super cheap deck.

My first impression when I see this deck and it would trigger me to write deck review for this is: there is 19/50 cards are blocker. On top of that, [ST5-09] MetalGreymon (4 copies) also can make himself or other digimon become blocker when digivolving, so the number of blocker should be more than that. The deck ultimate mission is to protect Diaboromon, that is the reason why "Reboot" and blocker are majority of the deck. I think this deck is fun to play, I will definitely try out.

For the distribution of this deck, there are 14 cards for LV3 digimon, 13 cards for LV4 digimon, 8 cards for LV5 and 7 cards for LV6. This decks use tamer TaiKamiya (3 copies) and 5 option cards.

Blocker Brigade

As we all know, Diaboromon main power is: whenever he attacks the opponent's digimon or security, we can play a token (a copy of himself – as in the anime) that presents as a LV6 Diaboromon, white color with 3000DP. The longer Diaboromon stays alive, the more copies he makes. These tokens can also attack security in next turn, or used as a blocker shield to scarify when there is attack to the mother [BT3-082] Diaboromon.  There is no surprise when this deck use a ton of blocker, the player plan to play it slowly and attack security with Diaboromon and Diaboromon-copied to end the game.  

The LV3 blocker Gotsumon and Agumon, 3 cost to play, is the cheapest one to hard-play to the battle without giving opponent too much memories. The Agumon can also attack without paying 2 costs, so it is considered a good choice for rookies rush. LV4 blocker has [P-014] Chrysalimon that is cheap to hard-play (4 cost – 5000DP), [ST5-08] Darktyrannomon is cheap to digivolve (only 1 cost) and [BT2-058] Guardromon, he cannot attack but he gives 7000DP which is better compared to a normal LV4 blocker. This Guardromon is able to block attack and destroyed together from opponent's LV5 digimon with same DP.  This deck also use 4 copies of LV5 blocker [BT2-061] Andromon 7000DP, this is the step-stone to digivolve to LV6 Diaboromon. 

Harder to be Destroyed

[P-016] Diaboromon will have securityattack+x with x is number of Diaboromon on the battle. [BT2-006] Tsumemon will give +2000DP if there is other digimon same name with this digimon, it is a good use for Diaboromon evolution base. The option card, [BT3-105] Power of Breath, is the key element of this deck, casting this option card on [BT2-082] Diaboromon would be a safe solution. With this card, Diaboromon has Reboot, cannot be reduced DP (yellow), cannot be return to hand or deck until opponent next turn. If Green deck rest him and attack him, we can use blocker or other copied Diaboromon to scarify. I have nenver thought of this card when I build Diaboromon deck before, so when I saw it I thought "Wow, this is a good strategy". Diaboromon might not have high DP, but its increasing number of Diaboromon in the field is hard to counter. 

If Opponent plays Omegamon or Omegamon Alter-S, then the weakness will be shown. By the way, this deck have potential and fun to play with. It is always fun to play deck with many blockers.

Deck Reference

Deck CompositionDetailsDeck ColorDeck ProfileDeck NameDateCountryAuthorPlacementTournamentHost
1nBT2-005a4nBT5-005a4nBT2-053a4nBT3-059a4nBT5-059a1nST5-03a4nBT2-059a4nBT5-063a4nBT5-065a3nBT2-062a4nBT5-066a4nBT5-084a1nP-016a3nBT5-085a4nBT5-090a4nBT5-035a2nBT5-099 HybridBLK_DIABoDiaboro DeckApr 21, 2021JapanH.N Tsurugi1st PlaceTamer BattleCardbrunchkithi
4nBT2-006a1nBT5-005a4nBT2-053a4nBT5-059a4nP-013a4nBT2-059a3nBT5-063a4nBT5-065a4nBT5-066a4nBT5-067a4nBT5-084a3nP-016a4nBT5-085a4nBT5-090a4nBT5-105 BlackBLK_DIABODiaboromon deckApr 11, 2021MalaysiaWilliam The Pandaboy1st PlaceTamer BattleLocalshop
4nBT2-006a4nBT2-053a3nBT2-055a4nBT5-059a4nP-013a4nBT2-059a4nBT5-063a4nST5-08a1nBT2-062a4nBT5-066a4nBT5-067a4nBT5-084a2nP-016a1nBT5-085a4nBT5-090a3nBT5-105 BlackBLK_DIABOBlack Diaboro deckMar 11, 2021JapanAro1st PlaceTamer BattleKDPL2
1nBT2-005a4nBT2-006a2nBT2-054a4nBT2-055a4nST5-03a4nST5-04a4nBT2-056a3nBT2-058a2nST5-08a4nP-014a4nBT2-061a4nST5-09a3nBT2-082a4nP-016a3nST5-14a1nBT2-106a3nBT3-105a1nST5-16 BlackVIO_DIABO_BT04DiaboromonDec 19, 2020JapanMaki1st PlaceTamer BattleTSUTAYA

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