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Are you curious about the popular digimon card that other players using? This post will give you some brief info about that.

Digimon Card Meta Deck List Summary

Based on the deck-list we collected at Digimon Card Meta, there is total 601 winning tournament decks. The rating is as below:
  • Black: 31
  • Blue: 74
  • Red: 96
  • Green: 119
  • Purple: 59
  • Yellow: 74
  • Hybrid:148

So What is The Most Used Card in Each Color

The TOP 5 used cards for each color, the highest is from left to right.
Fun Fact! Toyagumon is champion with 80% decks uses him, the runner up Omnimon Alter-S got 76% used, coming next is cheap LV4 Numemon, LV4 Greymon and blocker Andromon. The famous powerful Millenniummon, surprisingly, only have 37% of decks using him in black color, it's even lower than Cresgarurumon (50%). 
Fun Fact! Devimon is the most popular card with 100% used, Tapirmon and Tamer Matt Ishida is also closed to 100%. The cheap to digivolve blocker and option card Trump Sword takes 95% used in purple decks. The LV7 Millenniummon, there is around 90% decks use him in purple. The most popular LV6 digimon are Beelzemon and the promo MetalGarurumon. The promo MetalGaruru dominates many purple deck after his debut at the end of November.
The only blocker for red color Coredramon is the champion with 100% used in all red decks. The cheap to digivolve LV4 Darktyrannomon is also very popular with 98%, 2 LV3 that take the next place is Agumon and Monodramon (97% and 93%). Last but not least, the famous digimon that everybody wants, Omnimon, almost 93% decks using him. Those decks that dont use Omnimon, I think, the player don't own it. Omnimon is the most valuable card in the market, especially the parallel art. The BlitzGreymon and Omnimon-Alter S also are widely used in red deck (60 % and 57%). The option card Gaia Force also contributes its support in 75% of red deck. 
Same with Red, Blue only has 1 blocker card from starter deck, so he is kind of needed in all the deck. Next place is a cheap to digivolve LV4 Gorillamon (95%) and 2 LV3 digimon cards that is widly used in many blue decks (92% and 88%). Here it comes, the Omnimon play in blue, got 87% of blue deck using him. Hammer Spark, the option card that cannot be absent, also presenting up-to 87% of blue decks. The most used LV6 is MetalGarurumon from BT1, there is 67% of decks that uses him.


It surprised me when T.K Takaishi shows up first for the rating in Yellow, this is the first Tamer in the TOP 5. 100% of yellow decks using him, our beloved Takaishi-kun. Runner up is blocker Unimon from starter deck – 90%, but Yellow recently got a cheap to digivolve blocker from BT4, so I think Unimon will slowly out. LV3 Salamon, a LV3 digimon that give "recovery 1" when destroyed, it is too useful to not be used (88%). Patamon and Angewomon from starter deck take next 2 places for the popular rating  83% and 73%. The most popular LV6 digimon, ShineGreymon, show himself in 63% of yellow decks. Chaos-Valdur Arm, just made his debut in BT4 (last December), but is reported in 50% of winning yellow decks, this is a very high for a BT4 card. Beside him, the cheap blocker to digivolve Piddomon from BT4 also contributes almost 55%. Yellow color is only popular after BT4 Great Legend released, 50% of its winning decks came from this season.


I feel sad when I look at Green TOP 5, like there is no fun to write about. You look at them and you judge yourself. Haha.
The famous option card, Hidden Potential, got 69%, it is actually because it is introduced at BT3, It can be higher if it is from BT2 or BT1. Since Green has many strong LV6 and LV7 digimon from different booster boxes, the rating gap for these cards are not high. Those Rookie or cheap to digivolve LV4 digimon takes highest using rate in Green. 

Hybrid Decks

Which card you think it is most popular in a hybrid deck? 


It is Puppetmon.

Does it make sense with this TOP 5? Yeah, totally expected. Puppetmon, Volcanicdramon and Magnadramon are always a considered candidate to add on in any color deck. The blue Veemon and Gabumon are widely used in Megazoo and Rookies deck.

All info showing in this post is taken from Digimon Card Meta Deck-List collection, it can be different if consider different batch of data.

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