Common Mistake in Ruling

Common Mistake in Ruling


It is common to make mistake during the game, that is why collect all official documents and translated documents and put them into one place for you to find. You can check out the link to our site glossary page here

But even with all documents, there is still mistake we made, sometimes we are not aware of, sometimes it is too vague, and it may conflict with other rules. We believe that Bandai is also trying their best to update the Q&A and ruling question whenever concerns are raised. At digimonmeta, we also sometimes made mistake during our games, our readers and viewers emailed us to correct those mistakes and we are really appreciated for their involvement. To help ourselves and other Digimon card game players to have a fun and fair game, we summary the common mistake in ruling and going to continue to add on this post whenever there is a question that is not available or vague in documents or QnA sheet. 

Kongou and Reinforce Memory Boost

On the QnA that answered by Bandai:

 If you use "Reinforce Memory Boost" while the option card "Kongo" is activated, you cannot increase the security by the effect of "Kongo". Put both opened cards in your hand and then put the "Reinforce Memory Boost" in the battle area. 

X-Antibody BT7 cards Q&A

Thanks to N-san, today we know X-antibody deck is stronger than we thought.

You know the LV5 and LV6 X-antibody in BT7 have the effect to add a Digimon card with X-antibody type from your hand to under its digivolution source.

The best X-anbody card to add for now is LV3 Dorumon since we can immediately earn back 1 memory from this card inheritable effect. Else, we can place the LV5 DoruGreymon to let this Digimon gain "Security Attack+1" if the LV6 is Alphamon or Dorugoramon. 

Q&A from Bandai Official YouTube - 21 Sept for BT7 Hybrid Digimon

Source: from Discord

Q2 Opp has Gazi (Anti mem plus). I have Bokomon.
I evolve my Tamer into BT7-011 Vritramon, destroying Gazimon with Vritra when evolving effect.
Does Bokomon give me +2 mem
A2: If you activate Vritra first, then Boko, yes (basically ordering of same timing effect)

QA4: BT5-107 Revive from darkness, scenario of taking back the digimon you just destroyed. Recap of "when destroyed" digimon activating from trash and if you return that digimon to hand first the "when destroyed" don't activate

Q5: I have 4 Security, Dynasmon in play. I play BT1 TK. -1 Sec to 3, then +1 Sec back to 4. Does Dynas Activate
A5: No. Altho Dynas triggers at the -1 Sec, when activating Dynas, you are at 4 Sec, so his effect condition is not met (If you took a non yellow with TK, then Dynas would activate)

Q6: Same as Q2 but evolving Koji to MagnaGaruru instead.
A6: Proc Magna first to return opponent's Gazi + your 1 source to hand, you then get +3 mem total (Koji + Boko)

Q7: My Neemon + Blitzmon with Junpei in source is destroyed at the same time by Atomic Blaster. Does Neemon revive my Junpei?
A7: No. Neemon is sent to trash before his effect can activate even tho it triggered when destroyed

Q9: Does RhinoKabuteri "evolve at 3 cost" get discounts from other effects or is it fixed at 3
A9: Discounts OK

Q10: Similar scenario as Q4, don't return cards from trash to hand if you want their "when destroyed" to activate

Q11: Recap of "when attacking" not activating when the card itself is not the one that declared attack. (RhinoKabuteri evolving into BanchoSting. Bancho effect does not activate)

Q12: After using Win Rate 60%, I proc Takuya to put 5 cards under him, then discard 1 card from Win Rate, but choose to not evolve to KaiserGrey. Can I then evolve into BT4 Agunimon for 0 cost?
A12. Yes. You have to declare you are not evolving using Takuya after resolving everything, then use Aguni's own effect to evolve from Takuya. The discard 1 discount from failing to evolve to Kaiser via winrate is brought over to the next evolution (Aguni)

Things that may play wrongly in Ex1 Machindramon deck

This is what we think people may play wrongly during the match. The [EX1-049] MetalTyrannomon only give LV6 [Machine] type Digimon "Reboot" during opponent's turn, so there is no "reboot" in your turn. Hence, the [BT2-063] MetalGreymon inheritable effect does not meet condition in your turn, so it can't have "Security Attack +1" for this card.

Dynasmon effect resolving

De-digivolve on a LV4 Hybrid Digimon

Not all of us know about this, If we digivolve a LV4 Hybrid Didimon into a Tamer, and if opponent does "De-digivolve 1" on that Hybrid Digimon, the Tamer that is under that hybrid Digimon's digivolution source will become a Tamer (again) and stay in the battle (we don't trash the tamer like we trash Digitama). Its state (suspend or unsuspend) will follow the LV4 Hybrid that is already de-digivolved.

Gain 1 memory with Marcus Daimon

There is a time when we discuss about tamer Marcus Daimon, can we gain 1 memory by activate "your turn" effect of this tamer when we digivolve from promo Agunimon to AncientGreymon with Agunimon's "When attacking" effect. We got the answer from Bandai.

Gain 1 memory from promo Gomamon, BT5 Blucomon or Tamer Joe Kido

The "gain 1 memory" effect of this 3 cards are the same, and is triggered only in "Your Turn" (Joe Kido have to be unsuspended when activating the effect).

Bandai has confirmed (source) that if in [Your Turn], the "gain 1 memory" is activated when: an effect controlled by you or your opponent causes your opponent to trash a digivolution card. This is also applied if your opponent trigger [Digi-Burst] during your turn to do something (currently we don't have any cards that can do Digi-burst during opponent's turn), or the effect of BT5 Omegamon or Omegamon X-Antibody in "opponent's turn" effect.

Based on Bandai text, if opponent has BT5 Omnimon (Omegamon) and decides to trash 1 LV6 digivolution card from this digimon to prevent this digimon from being deleted or return to hand or deck, you can trigger "gain 1 memory" from the effect of promo Gomamon, Blucomon or Tamer Joe Kido. The same meaning applied for Omnimon X antibody "Opponent's Turn". 

The "gain 1 memory" does not apply when your opponent's digimon's digivolution cards are trashed when that digimon is returned to hand of deck or when that digimon is deleted.

"Greymon" and "Garurumon"

Bandai released the official statement of handling differences in English Character name (source is here). The general rule exception for some cards effect such as "Digimon with [Greymon] in its name" or "Digimon with [Garurumon] in its name", there are some digimon (in English name) that are not valid for these effects, for example:

  • Red: DexDoruGreymon, DoruGreymon, BurningGreymon
  • Blue: KendoGarurumon 

Puppetmon vs Reboot digimon

If a opponent's digimon with "Reboot" (for example: Ragnaloardmon) is rested by the effect of your Puppetmon or Megagargomon, that digimon cannot be unsuspended during opponent's next active phase. 

Do remember that "reboot" ability is to unsuspend the digimon with "reboot" in opponent's active phase, so in its owner turn, it is acting as normal digimon.

Q&A Raised to Bandai, Source from Bandai Youtube Video

This is summary of some question and answer from the 1st video and 2rd video

About using Kaiser Nail (Wolf Claw): Can [ST2-15] Kaiser Nail plays the Tamer that evolved to [BT4-025] Lobomon?
The answer is No, because that tamer is considered a LV3 Digimon only during the “digivolve timing” to Lobomon.
When I use [Bt5-109] Ultimate Fusion to evolve a LV6 digimon to [BT2-083] Millenniumon, due to “Millenniumon” is destroyed it activate it’s "When Destroyed" effect to play this Digimon from the trash (assume it has digivolution source). Will Millenniumon is sent back to the bottom of the deck during end turn due to Ultimate Fusion effect?
The answer is No, as it's no longer have the effect from “Ultimate Fusion” and it’s considered as another Digimon.
[BT3-056] Ceresmon has the effect of resting your opponent Digimon when you perform "digisorption" (download), if [BT5-008] Gaossmon on the field can I still rest my opponent Digimon for "Digisorption" ?
The answer is Yes, you can rest your opponent’s Digimon but you cannot reduce the evolution cost.
Term question: 
What’s the difference between “When Attacking”( アタック時) and “When Your Digimon Attacks”( アタックしたとき)?
The answer is: “When Attacking”( アタック時) is a Digimon itself effect where it triggers when this Digimon performs an attack. “When Your Digimon Attacks” ( アタックしたとき) is an effect where you trigger it when your other Digimon than this digimon (with this effect) performs an attack. Both of these effects are activated at the same timing.
[BT5-081] ChaosDukemon has the effect of playing a Purple LV3 Digimon from the trash when your other Digimon is Deleted. Will this effect apply after [BT5-110] All Delete is resolved ?
The answer is Yes. Even Chaosdukemon is deleted due to All Delete effect, but it still triggers the "Your Turn" effect to play 1 LV3 from trash without paying its cost.

We all know the white option card "Mega Digimon Fusion", if you use this card to save 6 cost when you evolve a LV6 digimon into a LV7 digimon, at the end of the turn to the bottom of the deck. A question raised: can we use the [BT3-105] Power of Breath to prevent that LV7 digimon from returning to bottom of the deck. The answer is YES. No matter you cast "Power of Breath" before or after "Mega Digimon Fusion", the evolved digimon using those 2 cards effect won't be returned to bottom of its owner deck.

Somebody asked: If we use the "Mega Digimon Fusion" to evolve a LV6 digimon to a LV7 omegamon (for example, the [BT1-084] Omegamon). In the same turn, we evolve that Omegamon into LV7 Omegamon X-antibody, do we have to return the Omegamon X-antibody to the bottom of its owner's deck at the end of the turn. The answer is YES, we have to return it to bottom of their owner's deck. Even if it is evolved into another digimon, the effect is inherited and casted into that digimon.

The black option card in BT5, [BT5-103] The Hot, Furious Metal Storm is used to give your digimon with "reboot" gets +1000DP and gain "blocker" until the end of opponent's turn. The question is: if my digimon gains "reboot" during opponent turn (for example: opponent de-digivolves my digimon to a level that it has "reboot"), does that digimon gains +1000 DP and "blocker. 

The answer is YES. Even if your digimon gains <reboot> later (after you use this option or during your opponents turn), your digimon will still gain +1000 dp and <blocker>.

The red option  card [BT5-095] Rowdy Rocker, you may use this card to place one red LV4 or lower digimon card from your hand to the bottom of one of your digimon's digivolution source, then trigger draw+2. 

When the opponent de-digivolve this digimon, it will have to stop at your LV3 digimon that above the added LV4 digimon because LV3 is the limit of de-digivolve. Your digimon (this digimon after de-digivolving) is now a LV3 digimon, not LV4 digimon. 

 White Option card like All Delete or Mega Digimon Fusion can play only when you have a white tamer or white Digimon to activate a White Option card effect. If the white option card is opened from security pile, then can active its security effect (if have) immediately without considering about white tamer or white digimon in the battle.
The question for Omegamon X antibody: when My “Omegamon X” attacks and my Opponent has an “Omegamon X” on his battle area as well, can I use my “Omegamon X” effect to destroy opponent's Omegamon X by triggering his "when attacking" effect,  and will my opponent’s Omegamon X able to negate the attack?
the answer is : Due to turn player priority, the turn player’s “Omegamon X” will destroy the opponent’s “Omegamon X” first, so the opponent's Omegamon X cannot negate the attack.

"Beginning of your turn" comes before "Active Phase"

We always unsuspend our rested digimon with "reboot" effect when we end our turn, but it seems incorrect. Based on the Tamer Izzy Izumi & Mimi Tachikawa Q&A in BT5, the player will resolve the effect of "Start of your turn" or "Beginning of your turn" first only then the effect likes "reboot" can be triggered. "Reboot" belongs to "unsuspend phase", AKA "Active Phase".

Reduced to 0DP is not an "effect"

In the BT5 Q&A for [BT5-071] Guilmon, it says that if this digimon is reducing DP to "0" and is destroyed, it cannot trigger "On Deletion" effect. Reducing digimon DP is not consider as an "effect", it is game rule to be destroyed when its DP is "0".

Diaboromon Token

A Diaboromon token is presenting for a white, LV6, 14 cost to play with 3000DP digimon. This token is created when [BT2-082] Diaboromon attacks, or when [BT5-084] Diaboromon evolving, or when we resolve inheritable effect of [BT5-084] "when destroyed". Based on Bandai Official Rulebook, the token CANNOT digivolve or become digivolution source of other digimon, so we cannot digivolve this token into LV7 Armageddemon. Besides, if this token is deleted, trash or return to hand or deck, this token is removed from the game instead. It cannot stay in your deck, hand or trash or digi-egg deck. For the case when you have Sanada Arata tamer play, it cannot gain +1 memory in "start of your turn" even if your token is destroyed in previous turn because the token is not in trash so there is no "unidentified" digimon in your trash.

White Color Digimon

White color digimon can be digivolved from other color digimon, but they are treated as a white color digimon. White color digimon includes: Omegamon (Omnimon), Diaboromon, Chaosmon, Omega Alter-S, Omegamon Zwart (BT5), and some new white tamers or option card in BT5. The most common mistake is when player plays tamer Izzy Izumi to reveal 3 cards on top of deck, if all of them are black, gains +1 memory. If there is Chaosmon or Omnimon Alter-S in those 3 cards, it cannot gain +1 memory. 

It is the same with green Tentomon (or BT5 Terriermon Assitant), Chaosmon or Chaosmon: Valdur Arm are white color digimon, if this card reveal these white digimon card, it cannot be put to hand.


Digiburst effect are a bit different for "when digivolving" and "Main" time. For "when digivolving" digiburst digimon, example: VictoryGreymon, Zeedgarurumon, Metalgarurumon (BT5-black), even if those digimon has 4 cards in digivolution source, we can only trigger "digiburst 2" ONCE, so choose digivolution source to remove carefully. 

For those digimon that have digiburst effect triggers in "Main" time, we can trigger twice in the same turn, or once in multiple turns if that digimon has enough digivolution source to do digiburst and still alive in the battle.

Drawing and Discarding

For Purple, there is many times we will draw or discard cards from hands or deck, we need to do it in correct sequences. Whenever players declare to resolve effects from inheritable effect or "when played", "on deletion" or "when digivolving" effects to draw or discard cards, they need to do each time for each card effect, complete resolving its effect then move to other card (if they have multiple effects in multiple cards to resolve).

For example: If we use the Cerberusmon to attack opponent's security then get destroyed, assuming that this digimon has Demimeramon in its evolution source, we can declare to resolve the effect on Cerberusmon to draw 2 then trash 1 first before resolving Demimeramon inheritable effect to draw 1 trash 1. We cannot do draw 3 then trash 2 as many of us might do, simply put: we cannot trash the card we haven't draw. 


Retaliation sometimes makes player confusing, especially for new digimon card game player. In the official rulebook it said: When a digimon with "Retaliation" skill (either in inheritable effect in its evolution source digimon or its main skill) lose in the battle with 1 of opponent's digimon, it deletes that digimon regardless of DP. It means the retaliation only applies when it is battling. If there is different scheme such as : reducing DP to "0" to a digimon with retaliation, or we use Kimeramon or Omegamon to destroy this digimon using their "On Played" or "When digivolving" effect, then the digimon that do reducing DP or Kimeramon or Omegamon do not be deleted by "retaliation" effect.

Digitama is treated as Digimon

There is many questions regarding of using the option card without seeing any same color digimon or tamer in the battle. Many of us may not aware, but digitama is treated as digimon after they are hatched from Breeding area. If in your turn, you declare to hatch egg (open up the digitama card in rasing area), at that moment that digitama is treated as a digimon even if you don't have a same LV3 digimon to digivolve to that digitama. With this digitama hatched, you can now starting to use the option card that have same color with this hatched digitama.

Playing UlforceVeedramon with Tamer

If your deck is to play UlforceVeedramom, there will be many tamers that are played. Resolving tamer effect during the game when UlforceVeedramon attacking can be complicated to a person that are not understand how the order works.

It will be common to see UlforceVeedramon in used with Rina Shinomiya and Taichi (V-Tamer) Tamers. UlforceVeedramon is strong when it comes with many tamers on the battle, it can become active again and attack security more. 

When UlforceVeeDramon declares first attacking, you need to also declare that you apply the effect "Your Turn" of Rina Shinomiya, resting this tamer to make the UlforceVeedramon active again after first attack. You need to make Ulforce immediately active again after declaring effect from Rina Shinomiya then your opponent can open the security card for first attack (In this case, if the opponent first security card reveal Trump Sword and he choose to destroy your Ulforce, then he can do it because your Ulforce now is in active state). With this first tamer rest, your Ulforce also get +1000DP until end of this turn, no matter Rina Shinomiya is still in the battle or move to trash after her effect resolved. At the time first attack was made, UlforceVeedramon has 12000DP. 

When UlforceVeedramon declares the second attack, and finish its attacking (opponent's open security card for second attack), he is now in rest state. Then you can trigger Taichi V-Tamer main effect to draw+1 or "1 of your digimon get +1000DP until end of your turn", let say you would trigger draw 1 to by resting Taichi Tamer, only then the UlforceVeedramon can active again. For the last one, you can choose to not attack to stay active during opponent's next turn or do last attack and stay rested in opponent's next turn. 

Darkdramon and Chaosmon

If you play or play against D-brigade deck, this info may be just useful for you. Darkdramon is a digimon with "haste" effect, meant he can attack opponent's digimon or security on the turn he is played (as long as memory is still on its turn). Many player might think of digivolving to Chaosmon after Darkdramon attacked to do another attack with "Piercing", but by right Chaosmon CANNOT attack using its "when digivolving" effect. Darkdramon is played in current turn, so if any digimon digivolved from this digimon, it cannot attack in this turn and "haste" is not an inheritable effect. Digimonmeta inherits this concern from this Youtube video made by Mr Sam. At digimonmeta, we also created a rookie d-brigade deck, but we use Omega Alter-S as for LV7 digimon, not Chaosmon.

We are going to continue updating this post time to time. If you have any question or concern regarding of ruling, please send email to us at:

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