Is Green Going to be "Defensive" in new Meta?



With the official released from Bandai or leaks from magazine or digimon card game forum for BT5 Omega Battle, we got to know 9 out of 10 SR cards and for the Secret Rare, it seems one of them is Omegamon Zwart D which is for purple and black color. In spite of the aggressiveness of current Meta with, Green is showing potential to become defensive in BT5. It would make sense because red, blue, purple and black get more supports in BT5, faster and stronger, then … what if green will be following yellow footpath?  

Do Not Attack me

The only SR for green (for now) [BT5-056] Rafflesimon, with its digiburst effect to made 1 of opponent's digimon cannot block or attack until end of opponent next turn, the ability we normally seen in blue deck. On top of that, the new expensive cost option card [BT5-102] Wisselen gives the same effect that "until end of opponent next turn, 2 of opponent's digimon cannot block or attack. If the combo of Rafflesimon and option Wisselen use in same turn, will be up-to 3 opponent's digimon cannot block or attack in opponent's next turn, and using Wisselen when Rafflesimon in the battle can help to save 2 costs when play Wisselen because Rafflesimon has "digiburst".

To add on the "defensive" strategy for green, now it is maybe the right time to bring out Rosemon from your binder to use in new meta. The Rosemon from starter deck gives the "When digivolving" effect that 1 of opponent's digimon cannot block or attack until end of opponent next turn, and the Rosemon from BT1 is to rest 1 of opponent's digimon in opponent turn if opponent's digimon attack security on the condition that she is rested. 

To use BT1 Rosemon effectively, we can make the combo with [BT4-059] Lilamon and the new Tamer [Bt5-089] Izzy Izumi & Mimi. Lilamon can do digiburst to rest 1 opponent digimon with lower DP and then attack it, then if we have the Tamer Izzy Izumi&Mimi play in the battle, you can digivolve to the LV6 Rosemon without cost in rested state, Rosemon will be useful in opponent turn. This Rosemon needs to accompany with starter deck Rosemon or Wisselen option card, if these cards helps to cast spell on higher DP digimon so that they cannot block or attack in opponent's next turn. Seeing Rosemon in the battle also makes lower DP digimon hesitates to attack security. 

It is the same strategy to use [BT5-055] BanchoLilymon, digivolving into this digimon from Lilamon after Lilamon attacks. Even it is rested, opponent won't dare to destroy Bancholilymon, so next turn we can digivolve it into Chaosmon.

Nokia must be suspended

Nokia is a new Tamer that will give many many benefits for Red, Blue, Purple and Black. I foreseen that player of these colors will put max number of this card that they can in the deck (4 copies). For green, the solution to oppose this problem is provided in BT5 with new Argomon. Not only Nokia, the color that heavily relies on Tamer such as yellow ShineGreymon, blue Ulforce or hybrid digimon of red and blue that can digivolve from Tamer, all those are needed to be considered.

[BT5-058] Argomon is cheap to digivolve into with only 2 cost if trigger digisorption, the "when digivolving" effect is to suspend all opponent's tamer and in all turn "all of your opponent's tamer cant unsuspend". This effect is going to put the existing Tamer sleep forever, except for the tamer play after this turn or opponent destroys this Argomon. This digimon is only useful against the deck that uses a lot of Tamers.

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