BT5 will be the Battle of Omegas and Diaboromon Army


Diaboromon was first introduced "Digimon: The Movie" which was released in year 2000. This clone-spawning virus Digimon was the antagonist of the film, pitted against Tai's MetalGreymon and Yamato's MetalGarurumon which eventually fused into the all-mighty Omegamon, bringing an end to a swarm of Diaboromons. 

In second movie "Revenge of Diaboromon", when the surviving Diaboromon digivolves into Armageddemon he easily overpowers both Omegamon and Imperialdramon. In the end of the movie we see a fallen Omegamon sharing his data with Imperialdramon (in the form of Omni Sword), transforming Imperialdramon into Paladin Mode whose combined strength ends Armageddemon.   

Come back to our digimon card game, these days we all talk about how powerful red will be in this new meta, how Shoutmon-DX and Omegamon can bring red back to shine. But then today BT5 Leaks introduced a bunch of digimon from LV3 to LV7 that belongs to the evolution chain of Diaboromon and I am sure that many of us now started to think about building a deck with Diaboromon and Amargeddemon in  black. Let talk about what do we have until now, and what other digimon we can consider to use with Diaboromon deck.

Digimon for Diaborodeck

For LV3 digimon, we have 2 Keramon, one from promo pack and 1 new in BT5, the new Keramon from BT5 is very useful to reveal card in top of deck and can put to hand a Sanada Arata (tamer) and an [Unidentified] attribute digimon. LV4 digimon Kurisarimon also have 2 types, the one from promo pack is a blocker and the new one from BT5 is giving a very suitable inheritance effect for Diaboromon, it is "All other digimon that have same name with this digimon get <haste>". We do know that Diaboromon will create a token of himself whenever he evolves (BT5 Diaboromon) or attacks ([BT2-082] Diaboromon), with the <haste> in its inheritance, the token now can attack opponent's digimon or player in the turn he's played. 

The LV5 Infermon from BT2 helps to reduce 1 evolution cost to LV6 Diaboromon and the new Infermon from BT5 can evolve from LV3 Keramon with 4 cost (save 1 cost if we bypass LV4), its inheritable effect is also very valuable: When this digimon get destroyed, it can spawn 1 LV6 digimon, 3000DP, white color and if we have BT5 Kurisarimon inheritable effect to use, this token can attack in this turn as well.

Compared to Diaboromon from BT2 (BT2-082), the new BT5 Diaboromon is cheaper to digivolve, and immediately spawn a token diaboro when digivolving. This digimon is maybe a preferable to move up to LV7 Armageddemon after his digivolving since there is no more benefits of him. For the Diaboromon from BT1, It is best if we can digivolve into him and use him to attack at the same turn, so memory will need to be considered here.

Sanada Arata will be the one who gains more memory for this deck, the more Sanada in the battle, the more memory you have in beginning of the turn. If the deck is full of Unidentified attribute digimon, then it is easy to have more of them in the trash. You can play first Sanada for free when BT5 Kurisarimon evolving, then you need to hard-play another tamer of him with 3 cost after that. 

The LV7 white digimon Armageddemon is a huge deal in BT5, is it predicted to be a new meta when BT5 card released. Armageddemon deactivates all LV7 "When digivolving" effect, that makes Omegamon or Chaomon or Omega Zwart becomes a normal digimon with normal power. He is also too cheap to digivolve from LV6 digimon (same with Ragnaloardmon) and we can even hard-play him with 3 cost if we destroy 1 token and with "Haste" ability, he can attack in the turn he's played.

Other Digimon to use

It is good to keep Armageddemon alive in the battle as long as possible, so how we can protect him?

We thought of putting Cranianiamon into the deck and using the option card [Bt5-103] The Hot, Furious Metal Storm to give Armageddemon "reboot" and "Blocker". This option card is cheap to use with only 1 cost and if we have Craniamon in play, opponent cannot destroy this digimon with their card effect. If we dont use Craniamon, we may consider to use a lots of cheap blocker to block the attack from opponent's digimon and cast the option card Power of Breath to Armageddemon to give him "reboot" and protect him from reducing DP to "0" or return to hands/deck.

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