A Delusional Strategy to Win in 2 Turns. !!

A Megazoo deck strategy

This is a calculation I made to win the game in 2 turns, it is delusional … By the way, it can happen if you somehow achieve the perfect draw as strategy. Here is it.

Assume you go FIRST, for megazoo it is important to go first turn and I use blue digitama to give draw+1 when digimon with jamming attacking [BT3-002] Demiveemon. Here is your first draw.

For the first turn, I will hatch egg, digivolve LV3 Veemon, and draw the white tamer [BT5-091] Takumi Aiba. Then I hard-play Durandamon 10 cost, end my first turn.

In my second turn, assume opponent give me 2 memories. Here is what exact sequences to win the game in this 2rd turn.

After the first turn, I have 1 ZekeGreymon, 1 ShoutmonDX, 1 red option card Gravity Crush and 1 white Tamer Takumi Aiba in my hands. Starting of second turn, I draw 1 shoutmon-DX.

First, I will move Veemon from raising area to battle and declare attack (I don't mind if opponent block), then draw 1 due to digitama Demiveemon inheritable effect, let's say I draw 1 ZekeGreymon. (Now I have 2 ZekeGreymon, 2 Shoutmon-DX, 1 Gravity Crush, 1 Tamer Takumi Aiba)

Then I will play Takumi Aiba for 2 cost (my memory move to "0" now), I choose her because she will give draw 1 when I digivolve to any digimon by resting this tamer and I need to use white option card later. 

Next I will play 0 cost red option card Gravity Crush to borrow 2 memories, then digivolve the LV6 Durandamon to SHoutmon-DX for 2 cost (my memories again move to "0") and put ZekeGreymon on top of Shoutmon digivolution source and delete 1 of opponent's digimon with 5000DP or less, draw 1 red option card Gravity Crush. Rest Takumi Aiba, trigger draw 1, let's say I draw a white option card: [BT5-109] Fuse into the Ultimate Digimon!!

After this step, it is still in my turn and I have 1 ZekeGreymon, 1 Shoutmon-DX, 1 Gravity Crush and 1 white option card in my hands.

Now I will play the zero cost option card Gravity Crush to borrow 2 memories again, then digivolving the LV6 Shoutmon-DX into another LV6 Shoutmon DX with 2 cost, put a ZekeGreymon to its digivolution source again to delete 1 of opponent's digimon with 5000DP or less, then I will draw+1 for bonus, let assume I draw [Bt1-084] Omegamon (Omnimon). My memory now is at "0" again and in the battle area I have a LV6 Shoutmon DX and its evolution source contains 4 LV6 digimon.

Next step, I will play the white option card zero cost Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon to reduce the next digivolve from LV6 to LV7 digimon cost by 6. Obviously I will digivolve the Shoutmon-DX into Omegamon and trigger it digivolving effect to destroy opponent blocker digimon or the digimon that able to involve in my turn. 

After digivolving into Omegamon, I can draw 1 (now I don't care which card I will draw anymore) and then declares attack.

There is 5 LV6 digimon in Omegamon (Omnimon) digivolution source for this build, so basically Omegamon can attack security 6 times with "Piercing". 


Yeah I know it is delusional to get such a perfect draw like that and there is also some constraints applied in order to win the game in 2rd turn.

  • Opponent don't destroy or return to hand/deck the Durandamon in their first turn by using option card.
  • We don't hit option card in opponent's security pile that able to return the card to hand or deck.
  • Opponent gives us 2 memories in our second turn.
By the way, this is a good strategy to build your new Megazoo deck with Shoutmon-DX and Omegamon, why don't you try out!!!

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