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List of Cards

16 JUN 2023

From 16th Jun, these cards are restricted to 1 copy per deck.

  • BT3 Blossomon, EX2 Impmon, promo Weregarurumon and promo GranKuwagamon.

17 Mar 2023

From 1st April 2023. This card is restricted to 1 copy per deck for both Japan and English format.

Oct 2022

English Format: Applied from 11 Nov 2022:  Limit 1 copy of DoruGreymon, Calling from Darkness, Sunrise Buster and Shoutmon X4
Japanese Format: Applied from 1st Dec 2022: Limit 1 copy of Calling from Darkness, Sunrise Buster and Shoutmon X4

Aug 2022

English Format: Applied from 1st August 2022:  Limit 1 copy of [BT7-038] JetSylphymon, [BT7-086] Tommy Himi in the deck.
Japanese Format: Applied from 1st Sept 2022:  Limit 1 copy of: [BT7-038] JetSylphymon, [BT7-086] Tommy Himi and [BT7-064] Dorugreymon in the deck.

14 Jan 2022

 1 copy allowed per deck, starting from 1st Feb 2022 for Japan format.


For English Format, source from Digimon Card Game English Version FB Page:

[Banned and Restricted Card Announcement]
Hello Digimon Tamers,
The official Japanese Twitter account has announced updates to the Ban and Restricted card lists. Regarding the English Version, these changes will be implemented with the following schedule:
Effective February 25, 2022 (upon BT-07 pre-release)
-BT5-109 Mega Digimon Fusion
RESTRICTED (1 per deck):
-BT6-100 Reinforcing Memory Boost
-EX1-068 Ice Wall!
Effective April 2022 (upon BT-08 pre-release)
RESTRICTED (1 per deck):
-BT6-015 SaviorHuckmon
-BT7-072 Eyesmon
We will update our official website below today with this information, and reasoning from the game developers regarding these changes. To reiterate, these changes will NOT be implemented for 2021 Final Championships.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the Digimon Card Game.
Digimon Card Game Team

14 Jan 2022 - Ban List

Mega Digimon Fusion got ban, apply from Feb 1, 2022 for Japanese format and Feb 25, 2022 for English Format.


There is now a DCG restriction list. The first casualties are [BT2-047] Argomon and [BT3-103] Hidden Potential.
Both of these are are only allowed 1 copy per deck, starting from 1st March 2021.

To be continued ...

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