All Delete: Who can Stay in the Board !!



[BT5-110] All Delete
Effect: [Main] By returning 1 of your Digimon with [Omegamon] in its name to your hand, delete all Digimon and tamer cards. Trash all digivolution cards of the Digimon returned to your hand with this effect.
Security: Add this card to your hand.

The option card All Delete is a new element in Digimon Card Game. This is the first time we have an option card with 10 costs to play and it has ability to clean the board. I am sure that all player will at least put 1 copy into their deck as a surprised counter attack or to delay the game a bit longer when they are really in losing situation, or you have some strong build-up in raising area and you will win in next turn with this clean-board thing, or your board is already cleaned up by opponent's attacking in their turn, you have nothing to lose and you want to revenge :)). 

But by paying 10 memories, is it a good card to be used?

Talking about who are able to use this card, they will be red, blue, black and purple deck that able to use Omegamon (Omnimon) in a normal way, yellow also can move up to Omegamon with their LV5 hybrid card such as Silphymon or Rizegreymon. Green, in magically, can play Omnimon Zwart Defeat from Security if they have the way to put them to Security Pile :). And of course we can hard-play Omnimon, but who would do that. 

In this post, we will discuss about which digimon can stay in the battle if you or your opponent cast the "ALL DELETE" option card during the game.

You or your opponent casts the "All Delete" spell, who's turn is it?

First of all, it is Cranianmon and all blockers that are in the battle. Craniamon cannot be deleted/destroyed by your opponent's card effect, NOT your card effect. So it only can stay if your opponent use the All Delete option card, if you are the one who use it, the Craniamon will be deleted with all your blockers.

Millenniummon is already famous with his "When destroyed" effect, so there is no need to say, no matter who casts the "All Delete" option card, he will come back to life again.

The digimon that is casted by this option card will come back to the battle, in this case the player needs to use this card on the digimon he wants it to retrieve it first then casts the "All Delete" option card. Since the Rematch! option card effect only lasts until "end of this turn"

[BT5-086] Omnimon is another candidate that is able to stay in the battle by trashing 1 LV6 card in its digivolution source if the opponent casts the All Delete. By the way, if you are the one who casts All Delete, your Omnimon will be deleted as well.


This card is a white option card, so you can use it when you have a white tamer or Omegamon. But Omegamon is a must condition to be able to play this card, so there is no need for a white Tamer anymore. The Purple deck may take more benefits from using this card because it has more digimon with "when destroyed" effect. 

2 thoughts on “All Delete: Who can Stay in the Board !!”

  1. Omnimon BT5-086 will be destroyed if you cast all delete. The effect only prevents deletion or return to hand/deck by OPPONENT's card effects.

    1. Hi Danny,
      You are right. Reading the effect again, it actually can only be prevented if the opponent casts All Delete. Sorry for this mistake, we will fix it immediately.

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