What is new in BT5 Battle of Omega


In the earlier post about Early Review for BT05, we mentioned about the new power, chain, engine and trend of each color. In this post, we focus on what is new regarding of effect, ability that haven't appeared in previous booster box.

List of Card that has new type of effect

Red Gaossmon, blue Syakomon and yellow Cutemon
[Opponent Turn]: Your opponent can't reduce digivolution cost
With the "opponent turn" effect, Nokia Tamer effect or Hidden Potential or Fuse Into Ultimate Digimon effects are no longer able to achieve. We are still waiting for official Q&A for this card, but if it is true that it applies to all cards effect (digimon card, tamer card and option card), then it would be a good option to put into your deck 2 or 3 copies since there is too many colors now able to reduce digivolution cost.
Digimon can evolve from a same level digimon, this happens in red and blue colors. This ability helps the deck to be more robust and flexible, it helps to get more draw if hands stuck, helps to put more LV6 digimon into omegamon digivolution source, helps to activate the effect from same LV digimon with fewer cost to digivolve…

[BT5-018] Dorbickmon, the first digimon ever has the effect: trash a red digimon from hand to add the trashed digimon's DP to this digimon for the turn. So in this turn, I can trash a LV4 digimon with 6000DP to make this Dorbickmon DP to 11000+6000 (17000)DP. This is a good plan to come quick and destroy a LV7 rested digimon in the battle without using and option card or evolve to LV7.

Sakuyamon, a yellow digimon, the first digimon has a very defensive effect: [In opponent's turn] When opponent digimon is moved from raising area to the battle, that digimon get SecurityAttack-3 for the turn, no matter it's evolved after that. This is a very good ability for yellow to slow down opponent's attack to their security, but opponent's newly moved-out digimon will still able to attack your digimon in the battle.

A new green LV 3 Palmon from BT5 with "On Deletion" effect: place 1 Palmon from trash into bottom of 1 of your green digimon evolution source. This card will give benefit to the digimon that needs card to do digi-burst, especially green digimon that requires many cards to do digiburst like Nidhoggmon or BT5 Rosemon.

Omnimon Zwart D, make it record to be the first digimon that can delete opponent's Tamer. After BT5, there is more Tamer that provides more advantages to control the game or even destroy a deck profile (such as Rookie Rush), with this new effect, the number of tamer in the battle now can be reduced. 

Omnimon Zwart D just need 3 costs to evolve, so there is no surprised if player use 4 copies of this card in their deck.


BT5 is going to give us some new deck profiles, new playing style and more Omegamon in the battle (because it is called "Battle of Omega" :)). There is only one week left till the day we got the BT5 cards in our hands, so what deck you plan to build?

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