Did BT-05 accidentally buff purple Cresgaruru?​


I have written about a purple Cresgarurumon deck about a month ago, and has further optimized the deck since. While I certainly enjoyed this deck, it is still not in its most robust and optimized form. Could a few new cards in BT-05 ending up significantly (maybe accidentally) buffing this deck?

The BT-04 purple Cresgaruru deck written in Jan 10.

Problems with the existing (BT-04) version

The main winning condition of this deck is to build up to Cresgarurumon, inheriting WereGarurumon's effect. Weregarurumon's inheritable effect is however, unique prior to BT-05 hence we cannot maximize his draw rate (since you can only play 4 in your deck, your other LV5 Digimons will not provide his inheritable effect).

Another problem with the existing deck is the lack of 1-cost option candidates. When Dracmon is played (potentially using Cresgarurumon's effect), he will usually pull either a Death Claw, Darkness Claw, or Hell's Gate from trash. While Darkness Claw can be very useful to ensure CresGarurumon (despite his 12000 DP) survives security checks, the other 2 cards are rather conditional. 

Essential new additions from BT-05

In BT-05, there is now a second purple Digimon possessing the same inheritable as Weregarurumon: [BT5-079] BlackWargrowlmon. This will further optimize your LV5 consistency. In addition, [BT5-106] is an option card that grants the same effect as the inheritable we wanted for Cresgarurumon, and being at 1-cost it works amazingly with Dracmon!

And if these 2 cards ain't enough a buff, we now also have [BT5-071] Guilmon, which when deleted by an effect grants you 1 memory. He will become the perfect fodder to unsuspend Cresgarurumon!

A more robust LV7 pool

Purple also have access to 2 new LV7 Digimons, and is no longer limited to playing just Millenniummon (though it is still too early to tell which LV7 Digimon can be a better replacement for Millenniummon). PS i am leaning towards [BT5-112] Zwart Defeat for robustness he provides from the security pile.

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