Deck Review: An Aggressive BlackWargrey Deck


During updating the deck list today, I found out a good black deck that I'd love to share to Digimon Card Meta reader. This deck is playing promo card BlackWargreymon (one of my favorite black digimon), it has the best combo and tamers to support him that got my attention. This deck is created by a Japanese Tamer, his name is 蓮さん.

Why this is a good black Deck.

When I first time see this deck, my eyes immediately focus on tamers Marcus Daimon and Yoshino Fujieda, this is an interesting way of using these tamers. Since the deck has 4 copies of promo BlackWargreymon (a digimon with Digi-burst effect), also the only LV6 digimon of the deck, using Marcus Daimon is a good choice to reset the memory to 3 when starting of the turn and get more memory when BlackWargreymon declares attacking. Yoshino Fujieda, even though she is a tamer for green but she is very useful for any digimon with "digi-burst". If you notice, this deck only uses 4 copies of digitama Kapurimon, and with Yoshino you can return 1 digitama from trash to the bottom of your digitama deck. For each Yoshino in play, you can suspend this tamer to reduce the 1 memory cost of the digivolution for any digimon with "digiburst", so if you have 2 Yoshino in the battle, by suspend both of them, your blackwargreymon only takes 1 cost to digivolve, fast and cheap enough. Beside Blackwargreymon, this decks also uses another 2 "dig-burst" digimon those can take advantage of this tamer.

In one of our previous post, we mentioned the "reboot" combo for BlackWargreymon that includes [BT2-055] Toyagumon and [BT2-063] MetalGreymon that can boost the security attack up-to 5 checks. To be successful with this strategy, the DP of BlackWargreymon need to be higher than 15000 (safest benchmark). This deck even builds a better foundation for blackwargreymon and I believed: it's easy to reach 15000DP. The Gogmamon can give 2000DP if we trigger "digi-burst 1", but if you plan to digivolve this LV5 into BlackWargreymon then you may not want to do digi-burst to preserve max number of digivolution cards, still Gogmamon adds 1000DP from its inheritable effect. The Golemon give +1000DP for all turns, but we need to leave this digimon as LV4 and not digivolve to LV5 (lost the main effect if we do). The best card is the 2 cost option card Final Zubagon Punch, it is super useful for this deck. If we cast this card for Black Wargreymon, it gains +3000DP and if its DP is more than 16000 then it has blocker, reboot and SecurityAttack+1. 

About Other

This deck uses 5 cards for blocker, all are cheap to digivolve. The LV3 Sunarizamon can put back to hand when it is trashed due to digiburst effect (no more worry if you cant draw LV3). The Baboongamon is used to deal with LV4 or LV5 blocker and a copy of red Agunimon is an surprised attack because this card can be digivolved from Marcus Daimon Tamer.

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