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Black is one of my favorite color and since there is not many black meta before BT5, it is hard to see black deck in tourney. Now with the debut of BT5, I finally can build one Diaboromon deck to include it into my black deck collection. 

Here is the deck created by Digimon Card Meta, and I found it fun when playing it.

Diaboromon Concept

Diaboromon deck is unique because it is a white color LV6 digimon (except for [P-016] Diaboromon from promo pack), and you can only digivolve to LV7 Armageddemon, this constraints you in using other LV7 digimon, but do we need other LV7 to make it better? 

After I play with this deck for awhile, I feel that the winning condition does not rely on LV7 Armageddemon but to rush the opponent with Diaboromon token and surprised element. Here is how I play it.

First thing first, about distribution, this deck has 12 LV3 cards, 12 LV4 cards, 9 cards for LV5, 6 cards for LV6, 3 for LV7, 6 Tamer card and 2 option cards.

Combo to use

In this deck, I have 2 copies of [P-013] Keramon and 4 copies of [BT5-059] Keramon (if you have more promo Keramon, you can put up to 3 or 4 cards). The LV3 Keramon can be evolved into LV5 [BT5-067] Infermon for 4 cost so I can move to LV6 or LV7 faster (must evolve outside nursery area). The BT5 Keramon is intended for hard-play, but since this deck has huge draw power so sometimes I use it to digivolve from digitama if my hands already have enough cards.

For Diaboromon deck, we must use 4 copies of Arata Sanada. The first reason is: he can be played for free by using "when digivolving" effect of Kurisarimon (first one), and second: he is really a big help to give more memory and summon Diaboromon token. Besides helping to summon Arata for free, [BT5-063] Kurisarimon aslo gives a very valuable inheritable effect to give "Rush" to digimon that has same name with this digimon (normal uses for diaboromon token)

When I play this deck, I noticed the speed of digivolving is quite slow, that is why I used 4 copies of new LV5 2 cost to digivolve Warumonzaemon. Besides him, the [BT2-062] Infermon also cost 2 to digivolve into LV6 Diaboromon (1 copy). There is 6 LV6 Diaboromon is using in this deck, 4 copies from BT5 and 2 copies from promo, my reason is simple: it takes 3 costs to digivolve and they will be faster than BT2 Diaboromon.

The BT5 Diaboromon can summon a token immediately when digivolving and promo Diaboromon give "SecurityAttack+x" for each Diaboromon you have in the field. The promo Diaboromon is a surprised element because we might have a token come out in current turn that suddenly give him +x security check, and opponent cannot predict to put more blocker. And you know when we evolve LV5 into LV6 Diaboromon, if we have one Arata in play then we can play 1 Diaboromon token, this is where the board can become full of card.

Other Potential

Diaboromon deck with purely "Unidentified" digimon type won't help us win the game. We have to prepare some strategies to save us from losing the game or rookie rush, that is why I used 2 copies of Takumi Aiba and 2 copies of Ultimate Flare. Takumi Aiba helps to control the memory if opponent using LV3 to attack security and Ultimate Flare helps to deal with LV6 or LV7 digimon by de-digivolving 3 1 opponent's digimon and deleting all opponent's digimon with play cost 3 or less. You might think this option card is too costly to use, but actually it is "game changer" for me, it is like a "life-saver" when I am going to lose the game.

The Shademon is a huge potential, the most useful LV4 blocker in black for now, the best is when you get it from security pile. Because he is an "unidentified" type so he is best to be used in Diaboromon deck. I prepared 8 blocker for this deck (including Shademon), more blocker is a must for Diaboromon deck. 

The draw power is coming from LV2 digitama Tsumemon and Tamer Takumi Aiba. You can enjoy with full cards in hands when you playing this deck.


Some people plays Diaboromon deck because they are his fan from the Anime. I like to play Diaboromon deck because it's fun, I guarantee it. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

3 thoughts on “A BT5 Diaboromon Deck Introduction”

  1. Hello, nice article about the new cards coming out this week! could you post the deck list? i would really like to try the deck but the picture is way too small to see all cards on it.


    1. Hello there,
      If you cannot see the picture clearly, you can zoom in to see.
      By the way, here are the list of Digimon:
      Digitama: 4 copies of BT5 Tsumemon and 1 copy of BT2 Tsumemon
      LV3: 2 Chuumon, 4 BT5 Keramon, 2 promo Keramon, 4 BT2 ToyAgumon (to give "Reboot")
      LV4: 2 ST5 blocker, 4 BT5 Kurisarimon, 2 promo Kurisarimon (if you dont have this card, can use St5 blocker instead), 4 Shademon
      LV5: 4 BT5 Infermon, 4 Monzaimon, 1 BT2 Infermon
      LV6: 2 promo Diaboromon, 4 BT5 Diaboromon.
      LV7: 3 Armageddmon, 4 copies of Tamer Arata, 2 option card Ultimate Flare.
      I think it is maybe better to use only 3 copies of Arata and add on 1 [BT5-104] Catastrophe Cannon.

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