Deck Review: Yellow's still Strong even no new LV7 in BT5



It's surprisingly that Yellow is still dominating tournament in the first weekend after BT5 is released. Maybe it is cheap to "renovate"  yellow deck because there is no new LV7 or expensive card is given for yellow in BT5 and people still feel comfortable to play with their BT4++ yellow deck.

Today we would like to post deck review for a cheap but efficiency yellow deck, a Crusadermon deck (for Crusadermon engine, you can refer to our site post here). This deck is created by a Japanese Tamer and it brought him victory in tournament.


This deck uses digitama from BT5 (4 copies) and BT4 (1 copies), both of them are to reduce opponent's digimon DP which is traditional strategy of yellow deck. There is 12 cards for LV3 digimon, 10 cards for LV4, 8 for LV5, 8 for LV6 and 3 for LV7. There is 4 tamer cards and 2 option cards.

Deck Strategy

This deck is a defensive deck with main focusing on reduce opponent's digimon DP and "Recovery". It can be a long and tired game if you play against this deck. 

The new star of the deck is [BT5-045] Crusadermon, a new LV6 digimon from BT5 that has ability to summon a LV3 yellow digimon or a warrior type yellow digimon for free when this digimon attacking.

There is 2 warrior type digimon are introduced in BT5, those are [BT5-042] Knightmon and [BT5-037] Gladimon. The Knightmon can reduce 4000DP to one opponent's digimon in "On Play" (including when it is summoned from Crusadermon effect) and the LV4 Gladimon can help to find if there is "Warrior" type in security pile, then trigger "Recovery+1" if you put to hands 1 warrior digimon from security pile. 

If you notice, this deck uses almost all LV3 digimon with "On play" effect, the LV3 Lucemon is obviously a candidate to sit tight and wait until it is played for free from Crusadermon effect, Lucemon also triggers "Recovery+1" when "On play" without any condition. The LV3 promo card  Patamon give another "Recovery+1" in "On Play" with the condition that your security is 1 or less and BT5 Starmons reduces 1000DP times X for each your digimon in the battle, so if you have 3 digimon (including Starmons) it can reduce 3000DP to one opponent's digimon (equal to a LV3 digimon)

Reducing opponent's digimon DP is proven to be strong strategy in digimon card game until now, the reason why Yellow has been dominating tournament since BT4. Inheriting strategy and replacing or incorporating BT4 Wargreymon with Crusadermon can be a new way to play yellow, and Slashangemon is always a good candidate to work with Chaosmon: Valdurarm mode to destroy opponent's powerful digimon.

With BT5 Battle of Omega booster box debut, there is too many powerful LV7 digimon are introduced for other color with 15000DP or more (if they use card effect to add DP), using the effect of Chaosmon:Valdurarm to reduce 14000DP on 1 opponent's digimon is still not enough to destroy them, so if it is deducted more from Slashangemon or Wargrowlmon  then those Omega are no longer the problem with Yellow. The Spiral Masquerade option card is another weapon of the deck to destroy opponent by reducing digimon DP


Yellow deck is cheap to build and easy to play, it is not rush also not aggressive. If you play against yellow, it will slowly destroy you, corner you and finish you off. 

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