Deck Review: A Strong ChaosDukemon and Zwart Defeat Deck


These days I keep thinking … which color is the best to deal with yellow's reducing DP obsession, the only answer is Purple and Green with 4 copies of Hidden Potential. LOL.

Purple is the color of destruction, the color with many different abilities to delete opponent's digimon by using the effect. And now with BT5, we slowly see more hopes in purple with many new powerful LV6 and Lv7 digimon to use. This post is to review about one purple Dukemon and Zwart Defeat deck, with I would like to do some minor change based on my opinion. By the way, this deck is created by Tenpa-san, a tamer from Japan.


This deck uses 4 copies of digitama [BT3-006] Demimeramon for draw power and 1 copies of [BT5-006] Gigimon to give +2000DP when your another digimon is deleted (once per turn). There is 14 cards for LV3, 4 of them is Gabumon for draw power, new BT5 Guilmon (4 copies ) to give one memory when deleted by an effect, and 4 copies of Tsukaimon also give 1 memory when destroyed. 10 cards is LV4 digimon while 4 of them are 1 cost to digivolve blocker, LV5 digimon has 7 cards , 7 cards for LV6 and 6 cards for LV7. There is 3 copies of Yamato tamer and 3 option cards.

This deck's distribution seems not balancing, however this is not problem with Purple because it has huge draw power. 

Deck Strategy

As I mentioned above, I would like to do a minor change for this deck. Here is it.

I would like to use Devimon instead of Devidramon and Kimeramon to replace LadyDevimon. The Devimon with "Retaliation" is a surprised attack to any opponent's digimon that is rested, we can evolve to this digimon from LV3 that come out from raising area. The LadyDevimon that gives "draw 2 then trash 2" for the deck that I feel a bit redundant (on my personal opinion) because this deck already have draw and trash power from other cards. Kimeramon, in the other hands, can be the best to summon for free when using "when digivolving" effect of Omnimon Zwart. Besides, I think Kimeramon now is a very important digimon (VID) for purple color to slow down the evolution chain of other color. 

These 4 digimon are going to make their way into Purple meta in BT5, but it is not easy to play them effectively. If you are a long-term purple player, you have the sense to dig out the trash and recycle the trash, then you are qualified as a purple tamer. Lolx, I am not joking you know.

Come back to the combo above, [BT5-079] BlackWargrowlmon is a new LV5 digimon with "digiburst" to play a LV3 from trash for free. If Kimeramon is the digimon to be hard-played then this digimon is the digimon to be build with evolution base. This digimon then can evolve into LV6 Megidramon or ChaosDukemon (ChaosGallantmon) depends on game situation, If you already have ChaosDukemon in hands or trash, you can evolve to Megidramon (assume you have Tamer in play). Megidramon with only 3 cost to digivolve, it triggers "trash 5" cards from top of the deck and you can play a ChaosDukemon from hand or trash for free when this digimon is destroyed. If opponent sees your game, they wont waste one check to attack your Megidramon, obviously. 

For this deck, when you trigger "when digivolving" effect from ChaosGallantmon or inheritable effect from BlackWargrowlmon to "delete 1 of your digimon" to do something, then Megidramon comes to be the best candidate to be deleted. it is deleted but then summon another powerful LV6 ChaosDukemon to be played for free, this is how your strategy with the trash bin. 

Omnimon Zwart is a LV7 with 6 cost to evolve, trash 3 then play up to 2 black or purple card with 8 cost or less to play for free. The best one to be revived is Kimeramon and blocker (Ah, do not revive 2 digimon with same name same ID if you are playing against Omegamon deck). This deck uses only 2 copies of Omegamon Zwart.

[BT5-112] Omnimon Zwart Defeat is the best to be opened from security, then we can play him for free. Other than that, he is just a normal LV7 digimon with 13000DP and 3 cost to evolve which is acceptable. He is the one can delete opponent tamer "when evolving" and delete one opponent's digimon "On Deletion". This deck has 4 copies of him in the deck, do you know this card is not cheap…

The option card Demoniac Disaster, with 2 copies, 1 cost to play to "delete one of your digimon to unsuspend 1 of your purple's digimon. This card can be used to destroy a LV3 digimon or Megidramon when needed to unsuspend other purple digimon. The Earth Shaker (1 copy), 6 cost to play to delete 1 LV4 and 1 LV5 opponent's unsuspended digimon, good to use when opponent has 2 those digimon in the battle and your hand somehow stuck, 6 costs but can delete 2 digimon seems fair enough.


The more I wrote about this deck, the more I feel this deck is strong. I will definitely build this deck to play, you can also build and test it out, do share us your experiences. 

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