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[BT5-055] BanchoLillymon is a new sexy but scary girl that is introduced in BT5 battle of Omega. Until now not many tamers put her into their decks yet, maybe they haven't get familiar with the "defensive" style of green and still relies on Nighoggmon and Hercules combo.

BanchoLillymon is a uncommon card, 3 cost to digivolve with 11000DP, her main effect triggers in "When destroyed" to return 1 opponent's suspended digimon to bottom of their deck. Basically, even if she is rested, opponent won't attack her.

Where to use BanchoLillymon

With the restriction list landed on green Argomon and Hidden Potential, the cheapest way to digivolve to LV7 of green is totally shut down, how easy you can draw Hidden Potential with only 1 copy in the deck to skip the cost when you digivolve from LV5 to LV6 or LV6 to LV7. The player who are loyal to green color now have to figure out the way to deal with so many strong Omega or powerful removal force.

In this post, we would like to introduce some combo that can do well with BanchoLillymon, a bit slow but it is safest way to protect your digimon. 

Since we don't have any new LV5 with digisorption in BT5, there is max to 4 copies of Blossomon and 1 copies of Argomon you can use in the deck. If you want to use the digisorption effect and you have to rest this digimon ( when you have no other digimon to suspend), it is not safe to stay rested when you evolve to LV6 and you have no more memory to move to LV7. The best way is to digivolve this digimon to LV6 Bancholillymon (stay rested) and end your turn. Opponent won't attack this digimon in their turn (except for the case when they use "deduction DP" to destroy this digimon and opponent dont have any suspended digimon at that time yet), in your next turn, you can safely evolve to Rafflesimon with 1 cost or evolve to LV7 Chaosmon ValdurArm or Chaosmon with 6 cost.

LV5 Dinobeemon with Peircing and Jamming is also a good candidate to put in your green deck. This digimon can destroy one low DP digimon plus 1 check to opponent security. Then to protect this digimon in its rested mode, you can evolve this digimon to BanchoLillymon in this turn. 


It is also a good strategy if Bancholilly has "blocker" in its inheritable effect or option card effect, but too bad there is no such thing in green color yet. It is available in black color but who is gonna mix hybrid for green and black. 

Deck Reference

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