Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis


Many have claimed that the recent Crusadermon deck is far too overpowered, calling it a "Tier-0" deck. We take a deeper look at why this deck is so formidable, and some detailed analysis on the numbers so you might be more prepared the next time you are playing with or against it!

A champion Crusadermon deck from @DPPChannel

Why is this deck so strong?

This deck relies on very simple but reliable engines. 

  • Search: reliably adds essential cards to your hand.
  • DP-reduction: currently one of the most effective ways to delete an opponent's Digimon.
  • Effective board widening: filling the board very easily and efficiently with high-DP Digimons.


This deck has a fantastically robust search mechanism, allowing the player to search for core cards from both their deck and their security pile. [BT5-34] Kotemon searches the deck for up to 2 warrior cards, while [BT5-037] Gladimon and [BT1-087] TK searches the security. This significantly improves the player's odds recovering from a poor or bricked starting hand.


DP reduction effect remain an effective way for board control: there is currently no Digimons that are immune to DP-reduction, and only one (very underplayed) option card [BT3-105] Power Of Breath that can offer protection against DP-reduction. In addition, DP-reduction remains very versatile as they often allows for multi-targeting. For example, [BT4-091] Valdur Arm allows the player to either target -14000 DP onto a single Digimon, or 2 streams of -7000 DP each onto 2 different targets.

There are 3 general streams below that helps visualize the total damage that can be dealt with this engine. Stream 1 assumes that the player has lower than 3 starting memory, while Stream 2 assumes a minimum 3 starting memory. Stream 3 meanwhile assumes that the player does not have [BT5-042] Knightmon on hand.

Stream 1: Total of -12000 DP (-4000/-8000)
Starting/total memory: 0/3

Starts off by digivolving a LV5 (from nursery) into Crusadermon, then by attacking with Crusadermon triggers her [When Attacking] effect to play Knightmon dealing -4000 DP, followed by digivolving Knightmon into Slashangemon for another -8000 DP. Crusadermon can be digivolved in the nursery if the player cannot guarantee a +3 starting memory. 

Crusadermon can attack an opponent's suspended Digimon below 16000 DP (which should include almost any Digimon) by lowering that Digimon's DP by 4000 using Knightmon, and buffing herself to 12000 DP using her second effect.

Stream 1B: Total of -18000 DP (-4000/-7000/-7000)
Starting/total memory: 0/6

Substitute the Knightmon→Slashangemon digivolution in Stream 1 with Crusadermon→ValdurArm to dish out slightly more damage.

Stream 2: Total of -16000 DP (-4000/-4000/-8000)
Starting/total memory: 3/6

With +3 starting memory, move Wargrowlmon into the battle area from nursery and <Digiburst 2> to deal -4000 DP, followed by Stream 1 for another -4000/-8000 DP. 

Stream 2B: Total of -22000 DP (-4000/-4000/-7000/-7000)
Starting/total memory: 3/9

Similar to Stream 2 but using ValdurArm instead of Slashangemon for a ridiculous amount of damage (effective for clearing multiple targets).

Stream 3: Total of -16000 DP (-4000/-3000/-3000/-3000/-3000)
Starting/total memory: 3/7

With +3 starting memory and a ready Crusadermon (highly likely from nursery), perform Stream 1 without digivolving Knightmon into Slashangemon. Instead, play a Starmons from hand to deal at least -3000 DP, followed by Spiral Masquerade for at least an additional -9000DP.

When short of starting memory, skipping Starmons in this stream can still guarantee a minimum of -10000 DP. 

Stream 3B: Total of -14000 DP (-2000/-3000/-3000/-3000/-3000)
Starting/total memory: 3/7

If the player does not have Knightmon on hand, using multiple Starmons can also dish out significant damage.

When short of starting memory, skipping the second Starmons will still guarantee a minimum -8000 DP.

As seen from the visuals above, almost any suspended or unsuspended Digimon will not be able to survive Crusadermon's onslaught, and suspended Digimons will only make things easier for Crusadermon. What makes Crusadermon significantly more potent (than [BT4-048]Wargreymon) is her lack of reliance on LV7 Valdur Arm for additional damage output, allowing her engine to be significantly more robust (also thanks to search). 

Concurrent board widening

While the damage output is certain impressive, another very significant factor pushing Crusadermon to Tier-0 is her concurrent board widening ability. Crusadermon can add another LV6 to the board with such minimal memory, while dishing out big damage at the same time. Such an ability rivals (if not superseding) the pre-restricted green deck that runs large numbers of [BT3-103] Hidden Potential Discovered! or a purple [P-027] Metalgarurumon engine that can fill wider but smaller Digimons. 

Playing against Crusadermon

If possible, run [BT3-105] Power Of Breath in your deck. As the competitive meta fills up with yellow Crusadermon players, this humble black option card could potentially become your ticket to survival. Even when not pitted against a Crusadermon player, this card can still offer your Digimon protection from normal attacks and return-to-hand/deck effects. 

Crusadermon has also almost certainly 12000 DP or more at all times, so [BT3-058] Banchostingmon can certainly take advantage of this. He is also useful against a number of decks in this meta since most run large Digimons now (with exception of perhaps Hexblaumon and Diaboromon decks). 

However due to the potency of Crusadermon I do not currently see any effective ways against a very good Crusadermon player, so if you have any suggestions on dealing with this yellow deck then do drop me a message! 

Meanwhile, be prepared to see a lot of Crusadermons in competitive play this meta!

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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