Deck Review: A "Lazy" Security Deck


This is the deck with full of security digimon from BT3 – Union Impact and BT5 Battle of Omega. Why I called this deck is a "lazy" security deck??? Because if you play this deck you don't need to think much, its strategy is kind of straight-forward, you won't have many cards in your hand to think what to do next, you just seat tight and wait for opponent to attack you.

This deck's concept is not new, as I remembered someone build it after BT3 introduced but it is not yet popular. This deck is not strong enough to bring to tournament, I would say it is a fun deck to play when you are tired and you want to have some fun games to relax. 

Deck Strategy - Security Digimon

It is obvious to see through the strategy of this deck. There is 8×4=32 security digimon cards are included in this deck with the hope of getting them from security check. Within these 32 cards, 1 set of them (4 cards) is blocker [BT5-065] Shademon black color, this digimon cannot attack. 

Yellow tamer [BT1-087] T.K Takaishi is used to check Security Pile to take out the LV3 yellow digimon or Magnadramon. All other cards are okay to be in security pile.

Deck Strategy - Recovery

These are cards that we don't want them to stay in security pile: 2 copies of Magnadramon, 4 copies of Salamon and 1 copy of Patamon. You can notice that I only include 4 copies of digitama Upamon in the deck, to be used with Salamon and to bring out to battle to attack only when there is 3 or less security cards, only then inheritable effect from Upamon is valid to do draw+1 and get "Recovery+1" from Salamon main effect (if it got destroyed). Magnadramon and Patamon are only able to trigger their recovery effects "when played" so they have to be hard-played. Magnadramon can recovery 2 when security is 3 or less while Patamon does "recovery+1" when security is 1 or less.

Deck Strategy - Option Card

There is total 8 option cards in the deck: 3 copies of Tactical Retreat, 3 copies of Fire Tornado and 2 copies of Seven Heavens. All of them are okay to be retrieved from Security Pile. Tactical Retreat is considered as a "recovery" solution, with 1 cost to play, we can place 1 digimon to the security stack, and of course we can choose the security digimon to pile up. The Fire Tornado in the deck is to cast on the opponent's digimon that able to check more than 1 security at once, the Seven Heavens is to deal with opponent LV5 digimon but would hope to get from Security Stack. If possible, the red Gaia Force would be better solution but we are playing "recovery" theme so even if we put Gaia Force, we might not able to use it if there is no red digimon in the battle.


I cannot imagine how this deck going to be if it plays against a Hexeblaumon deck.LOLx. By the way, this is a good way to surprise your opponent, why don't we have some fun with it. 

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