Quick Share: Hammer Spark is no longer needed in blue deck.



[ST2-13] Hammer Spark is a option card that has been favorite to all blue tamers since beginning time of the game. It costs 0 to play and gives +1 memory once it plays, we will normally put 3 or 4 copies of this card in our blue deck. The only disadvantage of this card is maybe .. it takes 3 or 4 "seats" out of 50 cards allowed in the deck. However, this is the time Hammer Spark leave his place to other digimon card. 

Blue Meta

Blue is famous with evolution source removal and can be implemented in any blue meta deck such as blue Omega deck, Blue Imperialdramon deck or recently Hexeblaumon deck. The digivolution source removal scheme is triggered either "when digivolving" or "when attacking" are commonly used in all type of blue decks. 

With the new BT5 booster box, we got more option to plan for game strategy. With the white tamer Nokia that supports Omega deck or Hexeblaumon the power of removal, Blue is currently getting more attention in digimon card game. And why we said Hammer Spark are no longer needed in blue deck, here is why.

Nokie Shiramine white tamer is help to reduce the digivolution cost by 1 for any evolving to digimon with "greymon" or "garurumon" or Omegamon in its name. The blue tamer Sora Takenouchi and Joe Kido, a new weapon of blue, gives you +2 memories when opponent's digimon don't have any evolution source, and can suspend this tamer to trash 2 digivolution cards of 1 of your opponent digimon (either from top or bottom). This tamer is not constrained by 3 memories like other 4 cost tamer, you simply just get 2 more memory whenever the condition meets.

[BT5-022] Blucomon and [P-004] Gomamon is currently hunted in the market. Bluecomon is easy to get from BT5 (rarity:rare) and the Gomamon is a bit hard to get because it is from the first promo pack. Both these digimon give the same inheritable effect that "once per turn": when you trash 1 digivolution card of 1 of your opponent's digimon, gain 1 memory. Gomamon is better with 3 costs to play and Blucomon takes 4 costs, but they are the same if evolving from digitama. 

Let's say that you have all these Nokia, blue tamer, 2 or 3 of this LV3 digimon in the battle. Beginning of your turn you would have at least 3 memories, and when one of your blue digimon attacks, you gain 2 more memories thanks to Sora and JoeKido tamer. So do you think Hammer Spark still needed or you would replace him to put more other digimon card into your deck?


I have played against this so called "removal and gaining memory" deck, it is quite frustrated to see how much memories they simply gain during their turn without Hammer Spark. And with the removal power and Hexeblaumon effect, the digimon without digivolution source cannot block or attack, and if the opponent control memory (if you have no tamer to reset memory to 3) then your game would easy to be stuck.

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