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When there is new booster box released, we buy a carton or boxes to open, the parallel art card we will put them into the binder, we will take the normal art cards to build deck and play. Then whenever we are tired with work, stress with this normal boring life, we bring our binder to a nice bright place, open each page, see see look look each of them under the sunlight, see how shining they are, how nice is the illustration or colors, appreciate the artist who gave this to us… Some of us send them to PSA, put them into a card holder, seal them up and let them seat there forever until its price goes up (maybe). 

But do you thing that is right way to enjoy our card game? 

In one beautiful day I saw this deck, the owner of the deck is Tachi-sama from Japan (Sama means "Sir" in English), this is how he enjoys playing digimon card. This is the most expensive deck so far I ever seen.


This image is not very clear, but we can see all cards in Tachi-sama deck (I wish I have all playset of these parallel arts to take a new picture for the post :)). After BT5 released, the deck value overall increased because many more Omegas are used to play, but this deck is at different level. 

This is a Megazoo deck, all the cards are parallel art (if have): the BT5 Secret Rare Omegamon X-Antibody parallel art, the first BT1 Omegamon parallel art (the card that its price remains high from beginning until now), the BT3 secret rare Omegamon Alter-S parallel art, the BT5 Omegamon parallel art illustrated by Tomotake Kinoshita (the pair art with Armagemon) and the Gaia Force from Tamer's Evolution box. 

Here is the list down if its price of these cards, price refers from Bigweb Japan (price on the day of the post 15 March 2021, currency is Yen):

  • BT5 X-antibody parallel 9200 x4 -> 36800 Yen
  • BT1 Omegamon Parallel Art 9500 x4 -> 38000 Yen (this card are sold out in 15 Mar 2021, the last price recorded in Digimon Card Meta on 6 Mar is 9500 Yen in Bigweb)
  • BT3 Omegamon Alter-S parallel 6800 x4 -> 27200 Yen
  • BT5 Omegamon parallel 3000 x4 -> 12000 Yen
  • The Gaia Force from Tamer's Evolution box 2480 x4 -> 9920 Yen (Yuyutei price, Bigweb Sold out)
The total price for these 5 playsets of parallel art is: 123 920 (Yen) ~ 1135 (USD)
(The price is for Japanese card version, the English card might be different price)

Deck Strategy - Omega Megazoo

This deck uses 4 copy of Magnadramon for "Recovery 2" when played, the only LV6 digimon card cannot evolve into LV7 in the deck. Other LV6 are blue Hexeblaumon, Rokkie killer Volcanicdramon, 10 cost to play Durandamon and Phoenixmon, these are cards that can digivolve to LV7 Omegamon *. There are 16 cards for LV7, these Omega(s) will have "SecurityAttack+1" for each white Tamer Taichi&Yamato in the battle (very strong). 

Besides, this deck also use 4 copies of Gaia Force, 4 copies of Omega left arm Transcendent Sword and Omega right arm Supreme Cannon (2 copies). If there is Omegamon in the battle, the Supreme Cannon can return all opponent's digimon with 5000DP or less back to their owner's hand and the Trancendent Sword can delete 1 opponent's digimon with 15000DP or less. To play Supreme Cannon from hand, the blue digimon Hexeblaumon must be in the battle. This deck uses red color digitama, so all red option cards can be played anytime. It is best if they are checked from security pile, the main effect will be triggered immediately (don't care whether it has same color digimon in the field (for blue)). 

Seeing megazoo deck, the opponent won't attack security or player if they want their digimon to stay alive after the attack. Also, if they hit the option card in security pile, it would lead to the situation that their board is wiped out. Playing against megazoo deck, if we cannot destroy the LV6 digimon when they are in the battle then the situation would be harder if they become Omega in next turn. The BT1 Omegamon can destroy opponent's digimon with the same name when evolving, the BT5 Omega can unsuspend and then attack with "Shingeki (Advance)" when evolving, the Omega-AlterS "when evolving" can "de-digivolve 1" to all opponent's digimon and then destroy all opponent's digimon with 5000DP or less. The Omegamon X-antibody can evolve to any other Omegamon with 3 costs, then can delete an opponent's digimon with same or lower DP than him when he declares attack.


I love this deck because I love all the parallel art of Omega (s). Do you know that there is a huge advantage if you play all parallel art cards …. First of all, opponent may not recognize the card, so they are not aware of its effects. Second, the card is too beautiful and shinny, opponent will lost their focus on the game (LOL, just kidding).

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