New Promo Agunimon Hyperfast!


This promo card [P-029] Agunimon was introduced as a 1st anniversary present (see details here) and has caused quite an abrupt buyout of AncientGreymons, which was generally regarded as one of the more uncompetitive cards around. 

This card will make red so insanely aggressive!

Checking 4 securities on your second turn

Turn 1
1. Digivolve your digitama into [BT4-009] Flamemon. 
2. Play tamer card [BT4-092] Marcus Daimon.

The intention here is to play Marcus Daimon early in order to gain that 3 starting memory, as well as +1 memory whenever your Digimon with [Greymon] in its name attacks.

Turn 2
1. Move Flamemon from your nursery to the battle area, digivolve him into [P-029] Agunimon.
2. Play [BT4-098] Atomic Inferno to grant Agunimon +3000 DP, <SecurityAttack+1> and a block advantage.
3. Perform security check using Agunimon, digivolving him into an Ancientgreymon from your hand at 2 memory cost. Rest Marcus Daimon to gain +1 memory.
Remark: Ancientgreymon now as a total of 16000 DP and <SecurityAttack+3> which allows him to quite safely take 4 security cards off your opponent. If he is blocked, you will gain +3 memory which returns the turn to you. If he is not blocked, your opponent will start his/her turn with just 12 memory!
At the end of your turn, Ancientgreymon will be deleted thus triggering his [When Deleted] effect to play Agunimon back from the trash.

During your second turn (see Turn 2 above) we hope to push Ancientgreymon past 16000 DP in order to have a safe ride in security checking. The option card Atomic Inferno is also effective when your opponent has a blocker in play.

Credits & Corrections
Many thanks to Samuel Lau for reminding us that BT-05 Omegamon can only prevent deletion if its by an opponent's effect, and not from his own effects.
Many thanks to Kaien and Lum Wen Kang for pointing out our mistake with the Ancientgreymon/Marcus interaction. We have confirmed that this is error at our part, and will make amendments to this article in due time. Apologies to our fellow readers.

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10 thoughts on “New Promo Agunimon Hyperfast!”

    1. Hi Lum Wen Kang,
      The interaction between Ancientgreymon/Marcus is invalid (please see the comments with Kaien below). Apologies for the misinformation.

  1. can you mention any rule that state that marcus damon effect could be activated? because I think the "when your digimon with 'greymon' in its name attack" is already miss timing. CMIIW

    1. Hi Kaien, Marcus Daimon effect is triggered in "Your Turn" timing, so when there is a Digimon with [greymon] in its name attacks, we can trigger this effect after that digimon's attack. Why do you think it is already "miss the timing".

  2. thank you for the reply.
    I think that "when attacking" effect always activated when the digimon declare the attack. in this case the attacking digimon is agnimon, so marcus effect couldn't activated at this timing. but if you mention the "your turn" clause in the card, it makes sense that marcus effect could activated. I am a bit confuse about this, because my friend said that marcus effect must active when the digimon attack and when that happened, the digimon is still agnimon.

    1. Dear Kaien,
      We have looked at the context again and subsequently cross-checked with our in-house judge, and confirm that this is error at our part. You and your friend is correct with regards to the missed timing, which is similar to the [BT5-089] Izzy & Mimi scenario.
      We apologize for the mistake and has taken down the relevant parts. We will also over-time update this article since it did not quite reflect the current meta.

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