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We soon will have the new promo pack with 6 new digimon cards distributing to us from 26 March 2021 if we purchase 500yen of DCG product (detail here). These promo cards will bring a new wind to their respective color. We have posted the combo to use with red new promo card, today we will discuss about a deck built with green [P-032] Palmon, and we forseen this deck will be in tier 1 when the promo card is released.


The deck is created by a Japanese Tamer, twitter account akimiya_VG, he built this deck using proxy for Palmon to test out. I have asked the opinion of a green tamer, he said this deck is strong, it is what he planned to build when the promo card out. This deck MVP will be new [P-032] Palmon with promo [P-025] Grankuwagamon

This deck distribution: there is 16 card for LV3 digimon,  11 cards for LV4 digimon, 9 cards for LV5, 8 for LV6 and 3 cards for LV7 digimon. Tamer is Mimi (3 copies)

Deck Strategy

There is 2 evolution chains for this deck, one for Nidhoggmon and another one for Grankuwagamon. Here is the detail.

The Nidhoggmon main effect is triggered "when evolving", and we can move from LV3 digimon to LV6 Nidhoggmon with only 1 memory cost when evolving from LV3 to LV4, it is fast enough. The LV5 with digisorption effect, 4 copies of Blossomon and 1 copies of Argomon, can rest itself to save digivolution cost by 3 and then evolving to Nidhoggmon in rested state with 5 cost. This deck doesn't use Hidden Potential option card, and since Bandai give the restriction to use only 1 Hidden Potential in deck, green can no longer rely on Hidden Potential to save evolution cost. 

When playing green, we do not always purposely evolve to Nidhoggmon even if it is in our hand, we have to wait until the perfect situation that we can use his effect, else it is wasted. 

If Nidhoggmon is a defense strategy to deal with opponent's digimon then the Grankuwagamon combo is to attack opponent's security or player. Introducing the new promo card Palmon with inheritable effect: When this card is trased due to "digi-burst", one of your digimon get "jamming", this card is best to use with Grankuwagamon to attack opponent's all securites at once.

In Digimon Card Meta, we have posted about LV6 Grankuwagamon, the best stepping stone LV6 for green. When we use this digimon, we are always worried that its DP not high enough, we have to evolve it to LV7 Chaos ValdurArm to attack opponent digimon or securites (with Hidden Potential involvement). Now with the Palmon inheritable effect, we can remove Palmon by trigger "digiburst" then give "jamming" to Grankuwagamon. For each "Digi-burst 2" Grankuwagamon did, one digimon will have SecurityAttack+1. In this case, if the Grankuwagamon has 4 cards under his evolution base, and it includes [P-032] Palmon, then Grankuwagamon gains "SecurityAttack+2" with "jamming", so 3 opponent's securities gone. Then we can evolve this Grankuwagamon (in rested state, after attack security) into LV7 Chaosmon, unsuspend this digimon and attack suspended or unsuspended opponent's digimon with "Piercing" (one more check to security). Chaosmon has 14000DP, so it can target at least opponent's LV6 digimon in the field.

If opponent has blocker, we can trigger "digi-burst 2" of Lilamon to rest the blocker. 

This deck has 11 cards for LV4, 7 of them is blocker and another 4 is Weedmon. Weedmon is currently the hottest LV4 for green since it will give 1 memory if the digimon with Weedmon in evolution source trigger digiburst and trash this card. Weedmon can be used in both Nidhoggmon and Grankuwagamon combo since these two digimon surely will trigger "digi-burst". Other than that, this deck also use LV3 Lalamon to put back to hand if this card is trased due to digiburst, or digitama Yokomon to give +2000DP to 1 digimon if this digimon is trashed due to digiburst. All related to "digi-burst", LOLx.

These 3 LV3 digimons Wormmon, Terriermon Assistant and Tentomon provide draw power and improves the deck's robustness.

We also should not forget the Tamer Mimi (3 copies), with her we can hatch egg and move digimon to battle faster. Sometimes Mimi is the game changer when we just need one more attack to win the game, rest Mimi and bring digimon from raising area to the battle area in order to attack the same turn that the digimon digivolved from digitama.


Green is always strong even without Hidden Potential. Green now have SecurityAttack+x with Jamming can scare other color tamer. If you play against this deck, don't let it move to Grankuwagamon. Try to remove its evolution source or de-digivolve their LV5 digimon to lower level. 

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