Finally, AncientGaruru is Highly Hunted


It is not fair to say that we don't hunt for the AncentGaruru when it comes with the BT4 Great Legend Booster box, actually his parallel art is one of the trio great legend Secret Rare that everyone wants to own or collect, but beside that have any of us build the right deck to use him?

We appreciates the art but not really know how to use his main effect, it is not strong and fancy enough to sacrifice 5 memory costs to evolve to him. That main issue now is solved with new blue promo card, Lobomon.

This promo card [P-030] Lobomon, is another blue hybrid type card that appears to save and show the value of AccientGarurumon. This card main effect is: [When Evolving] You may evolve this digimon into one AncientGarurumon in your hand by paying 1 cost. With 1 cost to evolve from LV4 to LV6 digimon, blue now can compete the evolution speed with other color like red or green.

Checking 5 Securites in 1 turn

Today we finally see that blue is able to check 5 securities at one turn, this will work in the deck of combination of hybrid digimon with "garuru" digimon.

How it works
Step 1. First of all, you will need to have LV5 Weregarurumon from starter deck in the battle, evolve this digimon into [BT5-029] Weregarurumon: sagittarius mode with 1 cost, this digimon now has "jamming" and SecurityAttack+1. You can declare first attack to opponent's security, if opponent don't have any digimon without digivolution source then this digimon only have one security check. 

That is the reason why we recommend to use the tamer Sora & Joe Kido in the deck, when your Weregarurumon: Sagittarius mode attacks, you can rest this tamer to remove 2 digivolution cards from one of opponent's digimon, now if opponent has 1 digimon without digivolution source, the Weregaruru can check 1 more security. 

Step 2. Now you can evolve from one of your LV3 digimon to LV4 [P-030] Lobomon with 2 cost, and immediately evolve to LV6 AncientGarurumon with 1 cost (so this procedure take total 3 cost). You need to make sure that after you evolve Lobomon to AncientGreymon it is still your turn, so if you need more memory then you need to use Hammer Spark to gain 1 memory or try to remove opponent's digimon digivolution source, so that tamer Sora & JoeKido can help to gain more memory for your turn, or use the LV3 Gomamon or Blucomon to gain more memory when you remove opponent's evolution card in previous attack with Weregarurumon: Sagittarius mode. 

After you have evolved Lobomon to AncientGarurumon, you can declare attacking to opponent's digimon or security. And during this time, AncientGaruru can unsuspend up to 2 of your digimon with name contains "garurumon" or hybrid type digimon. We use this effect to unsuspend the Weregaruru: Sagittarius mode and do another 2 attacks with jamming. So total we have 5 security checks or attacks.

In this turn, if you still have 2 memories, then you can end the game by evolving the rested Sora & Joe Kido Tamer into a LV4 Hybrid digimon, then make it unsuspend in the step 2 when AncientGaruru attacks opponent's security. You now can do another attack to opponent's digimon or security.

Else, you can continue evolving the AncientGaruru (if it still alive after attacking) into LV7 Omegamon (Omnimon) from BT5 with "Advance" effect, unsuspend this digimon and do another security attack. With this, you have potentially more than 5 checks to end the game, it is good strategy right.


With many cards are introduced with new effect, meta will keep changing. It is good to keep it up with the new meta, understand the current meta, choose a color suits you the best and build a deck that you are comfortable to play the most. 

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  1. Nice combo. Is it recommended to add flamemon to search hybrid and use atomic inferno. Or pure blue

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