BT5 Meta Deck Review: A New Way of Rookie Rush.



It is rare to see a Rookie Rush deck with yellow color, also rare to see Rookie deck winning tournament these days after BT5 released. This Rookie rush deck is created by a tamer in Japan, twitter account is ganntannku7803, he won Digika Discord Cup with this deck. 


This deck uses rookie from yellow and green colors, there is 33 cards for LV3 digimon, 4 for LV4 digimon, 6 for LV6 digimon and 9 option cards, no tamer. 

Why I called it "a new way of Rookie Rush", this rookie rush is not as easy and brainless to play as normal green-yellow rookie in previous meta, these days rookie deck needs to be prepared for the anti-rookie strategies from BT4 and BT5 booster box. 

Deck Strategy - Winning Condition

As its name says it all, this deck uses a lot of cheap Rookie with low cost to play and high DP. Other than that, the other rookies provide draw power and "recovery". I won't discuss detail about cheap rookies, but focus more on draw power, recovery and defense strategies.

Draw Power

These 4 digimon is to give draw power in different condition, quite flexible during the game. The digitama Upamon gives inheritable effect "draw+1" when this digimon attacks and you have 3 or less security. This Upamon is best to use to evolve to [BT3-034] Salamon  (recovery+1 when destroyed) because their condition to trigger card effect are the same. 

The very flexible yellow promo card [P-028] Pulsemon, whether you have "3 or more" or "3 or less" securities, it will trigger either <Draw 1> or "get +1 memory" (or both if you have exactly 3 cards in security) when you hard-play Pulsemon. [BT3-034] Lopmon is also hard-played to reveal the top card in your security, if you add that card to your hand then trigger draw+1. This card is not used for only draw power, but also to see or reduce the number of card in security if needed to trigger other card effect like "when you have 3 or less security". The LV3 Kudamon card triggers draw+1 when this digimon attacking and when you have 4 or less card in your hand.


There is 4 copies of Salamon and 1 copy of Tactical Retreat for "Recovery" in the deck.  The Salamon digimon "when destroyed" and if your security is 3 or less, only then you can trigger Recovery+1. For the 1 cost option card Tactical Retreat , to sacrifice 1 of your digimon in the battle and place it face-down to your security stack. 

Hint: The Tacticle Retreat is the best to use in Megazoo deck, because you can choose 1 powerful digimon such as Omegamon Zwart Defeat to put into your security stack, ideal case :). 

Defense Strategy

Puppetmon seems to be main defense player for any Rookie Rush Deck. You will use 2 or 3 rookies to attack your opponent security in one turn, then next turn your opponent need to destroy your rookies, more opponent's digimon rested in your next turn. Then this is the right time to summon Puppetmon to delay opponent attack for 1 turn. 

The Spiral Masquerade is a new option card in BT5, and soon to be key player in yellow Rookie deck. For each digimon you have in the battle, 1 of your opponent's digimon gets -3000DP for the turn. So if you have 4 digimon in play, you can deduct up-to 12000DP to 1 opponent's digimon, strong enough to destroy 1 LV6 digimon.

There is 4 copies of Bliding Light in this deck. This zero cost card is important for the whole deck strategy. We can use this card to reduce the number of our security to 4 or 3 cards, then gain 2 memory. 2 memories is enough to play another 2 cost rookie, more rookie in the battle, more DP you can deduct if you cast the Spiral Masquerade to 1 of your opponent's digimon.


All the time Rookies is still something that we will face in the tournament no matter we like it or not. Rookie is still a valid deck, a cheap deck and a competitive deck. Digimon player is still creating their own new Rookie Rush deck that may surprise us in tourney, so why don't we get prepared.

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