A Deck Idea for DanDevimon BT4/5


DanDevimon is still a hidden potential that we don't know how to utilize him. I still remember when BT4 Great Legends is released, people are very excited to build and play Dandevi deck because DanDevi main effect is kind of new and fun to play. However, it failed the tamer's expectation. Why is it?

[BT4-088] DanDevimon, 1st effect: Opponent's turn, Once Per Turn: When your security stack is reduced, trash 1 of your opponent's security car. Second effect: On Deletion, Your opponent trash 2 cards from their hand. 

DoneDevimon, 4 cost to evolve (expensive) with 12000DP is not very attractive to use as a main pillar in the deck. They might avoid to attack him if their hand doesn't have many cards, but DanDevimon "opponent's turn" effect is only triggered once per turn, so it does not help when opponent attacks security with multiple checks in one turn, and yellow also can reduce his DP to 0 and is removed from the battle.

An Idea to Save Him

This idea come up when we look at the new yellow promo card [P-031] Tailmon. Compared to other yellow card, there is no need to get more "Recovery' since yellow have many cheaper cards and solutions to do "Recovery+1" for the deck, then why Bandai introduced it this time?

[P-031] Tailmon is created to use with [BT3-090] Mastermon to first time ever bring the "Recovery" concept for purple (FYI we are showing the idea to create a purple base deck, not a yellow deck). The Mastemon, when evolve: discard 1 security of both players from the top, then may play 1 LV4 or less yellow or purple digimon from trash without paying its cost. Promo Tailmon becomes the most suitable LV4 candidate to summon for this effect. Tailmon then will become a "Blocker" and immediately trigger "Recovery+1" when it plays, one digimon for 2 purposes. If you concern about how Tailmon can be in the trash, this is not the problem in purple deck because it can draw and trash many times during the game. We suggest to put 2 copies of Tailmon and 3 or 4 copies of Mastermon in the deck as a LV6 main pillar 

The deck for Dandevimon also need to play 4 copies of new purple promo card [P-034] Demidevimon and 4 copies of DanDevimon. Dandevi can be summoned for free if there is 7 or more digimon with "devimon" in its name in trash, this effect is not easy to use in early of the game so try to hold the DemiDevimon to play in later time of the game, the best scenario is to put him under digivolution source of [BT2-074] Devimon to destroy 1 opponent's powerful digimon with "retaliation". DoneDevimon is not only to reduce the opponent's security when your security is reduced, but also to reduce the number of card in opponent's hand when Dandevimon got destroyed. So why don't we put the BlackWargrowlmon in the deck.

We can use the inheritance effect of BlackWargrowlmon to destroy the DanDevimon to trash 2 cards in opponent's hand and to unsuspend this digimon and do another attacking. DoneDevimon later can be summoned again for free from inheritance effect of DemiDevimon (we have 4 copies of DemiDevimon in the deck.

For other card, we recommend to put 4 copies of "retaliation" Devimon, 4 blocker Devimon and 3 or 4 copies of LadyDevimon. We also need more LV3 2 cost to play  [BT2-067] DemiDevimon and [P-017] DemiDevimon in the deck.


The promo yellow Tailmon is a backup and safe strategy for this DanDevimon deck. I think this deck will be fun to play and have the chance to become tier-2 meta for purple. By the way, we will build this deck, optimize it and show you with the actual game when we have physical card. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

4 thoughts on “A Deck Idea for DanDevimon BT4/5”

  1. Very cool concept. Do you think lillithmon/mastemon/dandevi can be play to keep loop promo demidevi into dandevi via grizy wing to keep bring back dandevi?

    1. I think there is no need to put in Lilithmon and Grislywing, with Mastermon "when digivolving" effect, you can play a yellow or purple LV4 or lower (LV3) from trash. With this effect, we can retrieve either Demidevimon promo or yellow Tailmon from trash. But to increase the robust, you may put 2 copies of Grisly Wing in the deck.

    2. Lilithmon loop is quite a late game engine, and I feel that Donedevimon would fit better early game. Furthermore, I feel that lilithmon loop is pretty optimized already with early-mid game control Digimons such as chaosgallant, and donedevi might offer nothing of value to a lilithmon loop engine that runs with zwart 🙂

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