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Black is special color in DTCG, it has many abilities that many other colors don't have or have less like de-digivolve, reboot, rush, digi-burst, jamming, blocker(s), SecurityAttack++ etc. Still, we haven't able to build a black deck that we see it everlasting in tourney like yellow WarGreymon, red Omegamon, green Nidhogmon, blue ImperialDramon or Purple MetalGreymon (promo). All the time Black has been the color that is given a lots of blocker, it made us think of building a defensive strategy for back, but since it didn't work out yet, then now we may need to change to aggressive plan to make black move faster like red color.

Introducing a new promo black LV3 digimon, [P-033] Sunarizamon, a new potential MVP for black, something that can help black increase the variety of deck's strategy. 

Aggressive is now my new way of fighting

The Sunirazamon makes all the black digimon with 13000DP or more gets "Piercing", so it's good to leave him in raising area and then move out in your next turn. This digimon also provides a very valuable inheritance effect that "In your turn: when this digimon is a black digimon with 13000DP or more, this digimon gets SecurityAttack+1", with this main and inheritable effect, which combo would be the best to use with him?

Talking about a LV6 digimon that is cheapest to digivolve and highest DP, the Blastmon should be in the list. With only 3 cost to evolve, Blastmon has 13000DP and "SecurityAttack+1". The only disadvantage of this digimon is "when attacking" effect is triggered, opponent might choose 1 of their unsuspended digimon and force Blastmon to attack it instead, this controls the speed of security attacking speed.

The problem now solved with the present of [p-033] Sunarizamon, Blastmon with 13000DP, satisfy the condition to gain "Piercing" from Sunarizamon. "Piercing" effect helps Blastmon to attack both opponent's digimon and do check to opponent's security pile, do not forget that Blastmon have "SecurityAttack+1". And if we have Sunarizamon in Blastmon's digivolution source, this digimon can have up to "Security Attack +2", what can be better. 

If we are facing an Omegamon deck, it would be safer to use 2 cost option card Final Zubagon Punch to boost up the DP for Blastmon to 16000DP (pass the 15000 benchmark of Omegamon or other LV7 digimon), the Blastmon now has Reboot, Blocker and Security+1. If we have enough memory to use this option card before Blastmon attack, then Blastmon can check up to 4 cards in opponent's security pile. That's great.

For BlackWargreymon promo, last time we also wrote about how the combo with "reboot" Toyagumon can check up to 5 opponent's security cards.  That combo is constrained with the right card to use in LV3 and LV5, now we just need Sunarizamon under its digivolution source to make BlackWargreymon checks 5 security at one turn with "Piercing" if we have 1 Sunarizamon in the battle. By the way, we have to boost up the DP of BlackWargreymon to 13000DP in order to use the effect of Sunarizamon, so we can either use the option card Lightning Blade with 1 cost to play or Final Zubagon Punch with 2 costs to play to add 3000DP for this digimon. 

If this digimon survive after attacking, then the final attack of Sunarizamon will bring victory for the game. 


Compared to other promo card in the same batch, the price for Sunarizamon is still cheap because it is not in high demand as Hybrid type Lobomon and Agunimon, but soon it will be hunted when the card is available to every tamers.

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  1. Some Japanese vids went up demonstrating this promo Sunriza with blastmon… a very aggressive and robust build 🙂 very similar to how green is taking advantage of promo palmon for their promo grankuwagamon I feel.

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