When Kentaurosmon and Crusadermon team up


Crusadermon with her army has been dominated yellow meta for quite a while now, players slowly find its weakness and counter back in the tourney, these days we see more purple or red in tourney, red – the one that can attack faster and purple – the one can manipulate the game. 

The yellow deck with main pillar Crusadermon is normally very slow in attacking security, it focuses more on reducing opponent's digimon DP and widening the board. If you notice, the yellow warrior deck relies a lots of Crusadermon, their board is stable only after 3 or 4 turns when they are able to build up to LV6 Crusadermon and some Warrior type digimon in hands. Their problem is not landing in drawing or hand stuck, its main issue is  it's not able to attack opponent's security fast enough. So the type of deck that checks security faster, or cleans the board easier (green nidhogg), or deletes LV6 Crusader multiple times (purple) can easily deal with this yellow meta. On top of that, everyone knows how this deck works so they will avoid to put their digimon in the battle (if possible).

The Force of 2 Holy Warriors

In this post, we would like to introduce a yellow deck that can cover up the weakness that we mentioned above, the join force of Kentaurosmon and Crusadermon (Lordknightmon).

This deck is created by a tamer from Taiwan, his name is Chen, this deck brought him victory in the tourney of 20 participants. 


This deck uses more LV3 than usual (15 cards), 11 cards for LV4, 9 cards for LV5, 7 cards for LV6 and 3 copies of LV7 Chaosmon Valdur Arm. Only 1 option card and 4 copies for tamer T.K Takeru. 

To understand about Crusader's deck strategy and theory, check out the post "Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis".

If we cannot be faster, then slow down opponent's speed

Yellow cannot move faster than it is, we only can slow down opponent's attacking security speed, that is the task of Angewomon and Kentaurosmon.

[BT3-039] Angewomon (4 copies) and [BT3-043] Kentaurosmon (2 copies) is totally able to save the whole yellow team. Angewomon, when evolves, 1 of opponent's digimon gets SecurityAttack-2, good enough to stop opponent's powerful digimon to attack security in next turn or cast to the one with multiple attacks. Not only that, Angewomon also gives a very valuable inheritance effect: when this digimon attacking, if your security is 3 or less, you can play a LV3 or less yellow digimon from hand without paying its cost, that is the reason why this deck includes 15 copies of LV3 digimon. 

Many LV3 digimon with "when played" effect is using in the deck, but the best LV3 card to free summon from Angewomon effect is Lucemon obviously, especially in the late time of the game because Lucemon can help to "Recovery+1". The option card Blinding Light, with only 1 copy in the deck, is used to reduce the security card to 3 (when the condition met to play 1 LV3 from hand) and gain 2 memory. 

Yellow can widen the board in 2 or 3 turns if the yellow player able to control the game. To do that, yellow should evolve a LV5 digimon into LV6 Kentaurosmon in next turn to trigger Kentaurosmon "when digivolving" effect: up-to 5 opponent's digimon get "SecurityAttack-2" in opponent's next turn. With this strategy, if opponent don't have tactic to destroy your LV5 or other digimon in the battle then the game  would be your favor. 

This deck has only 2 copies of Kentaurosmon in the deck, but don't worry, he is a Holy Warrior type digimon (same type with Crusadermon), so we can use Kotemon and Gladimon to find him in Security Stack or reveal from deck to put to hand.

There is another benefit of using Kentaurosmon, opponent won't purposely attack him because they don't want to trigger his "On deletion" effect, so we can evolve this Kentaurosmon into LV7 Chaosmon ValdurArm. 


There is too many types of deck now and we cannot expect what we will play against in the tourney, so "delaying" maybe the safest strategy to deal with all other colors. When you play this deck, do planning the game properly so that you can take advantage of Angemowon inheritable effect and Kentaurosmon effect, do check out your security and count the number of opponent's digimon in the battle. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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