Deck Review: A Build for Ulforce (ST8)

Blue Ulforce

I have never thought it is easy to play an UlforceVeedramon deck, Ulforce deck player must really understand the deck well to not do any misplay to win the game. Ulforce deck is same style with Yellow ShineGreymon deck because it relies a lots on the number of Tamer in the battle. If it is calculated properly, Ulforce can finish the game in a turn when that Ulforce appears in the battle, that is how dangerous it is. 

A non-BT5 meta Ulforce deck

This deck is created by a Tamer in Japan, Watabo-san. It caught my attention because it is kind of different with all the Ulforce decks I have ever seen. Let check it out.

This deck uses Demidevimon from BT2 as digitama to add more DP, 11 Tamer cards, 12 cards for LV3 digimon, 10 cards for LV4 digimon, 7 cards for LV5, 4 copies of UlforceVeedramon LV6, and 2 copies of Omegamon from BT5. This deck use 4 copies of Hammer Spark, and there is no blocker.

Deck Strategy

When you place an Ulforce deck, you must not rush, what ever happen in the battle – let it be, your raising area must wait until everything is ready.

An Ulforce player will try to put as many tamer as possible to the battle. There is 11 tamer cards using in this deck: 4 copies of Rina Shinomiya, 4 copies of V-tamer Taichi and 3 copies of Davis Motomiya. Rina Shinomiya and Taichi tamers can rest during the game to help Ulforce become active again when it attacks opponent's digimon or security, Davis Motomiya will be used to reset memory to 3 in beginning of the turn and to reveal 3 card in top of the deck and put to hand 1 blue or green digimon. To able to draw tamer from deck, there are 4 copies of Strabimons that can be hard-played to add 1 blue tamer and 1 hybrid type digimon from the top-3 card of your deck. This deck uses only 1 hybrid digimon just to be there when it needs to evolve from a tamer for final attack. Strabimon is here for draw-tamer purpose. More tamers in the deck also give it high chance to get them free from security stack.

To safely build a digivolution source for Ulforce, the build need to be remaining in raising area until it reaches LV5 and there is an amount of Rina Shinomiya or Taichi in the battle. To be precise, if we want to win the game in the turn we evolve to Ulforce, we need to calculate the number of opponent's security card and the number of Tamer we have in the battle.  It is good if it has 1 DavisMotomiya play in the battle, else we also can rely on Hammer Spark to get more memory, it needs only 3 memories to evolve to UlforceVeedramon.

There is 2 types of digimon that are using as LV5 digimon for this deck, BT2 Aeroveedramon and Machgaogamon from BT4. You may say that it is best to use Aeroveedramon for Ulforce digivolution source because this digimon's inheritance effect will give Ulforce "jamming", but what if opponent have blocker(s). The Machgaogamon with its "digiburst" effect, can return up-to 2 opponent's LV4 blocker to its owner's hand, on top of that, this digimon also give Ulforce +2000DP if this digimon is under Ulforce evolution source. 

By the way, both these LV5 are good and useful for Ulforce, so depends on the game situation, we can decide with LV5 to use.

The combo of Veemon and Exveemon is to draw opponent's attention, if opponent see these digimon in the battle, they will try to attack these digimon instead of attack your security. "Jamming" have weakness over blocker, opponent may deal with it easily. Else if it has the chance to survive, then there is at-least 2 attacks to opponent's security from this combo.

Draw Power

The promo card Veedramon and V-tamer Taichi provides the draw power for the deck. We can trigger draw+1 by resting Taichi tamer when there is a digimon with "veedramon" in its name  in the battle. For the Veedramonzero, we need to return 3 non-digiegg cards from trash to bottom of its deck to trigger draw+1. The LV3 [BT2-021] Veemon also gives "draw+1" when the digimon with this digimon in his digivolution source becomes active during the main phase, the condition only meet when this digimon able to become active again after its first attack (example: Ulforceveedramon or Aeroveedramon or Veedramon). Do remember that "main phase" is not "active phase".

End Game

The most important is: how to make Ulforce survives after every attacks to security? 

If we don't have the LV5 Aeroveedramon in its evolution source then we should figure out the strategy to boost its DP. We got 2000DP from Machgaogamon (if this is the LV5 under Ulforce's digivolution source), 1000DP from Rina Shinomiya for first attack when we rest this tamer, so it's likely Ulforce will have 13000DP in first attack. The 2nd attack will have +1000 DP from Demiveemon digitama and the 3rd attack will have +1000DP from Taichi V-tamer or another Shinomiya (if you have this tamer in play and rest them to make Ulforce becomes active again), Ulforce should have 15000DP in the 3rd attack.

The DP calculation does not take LV4 Veedramon in place because there is only 1 copy in the deck, we are not sure if it is lucky enough to be in Ulforce digivolution source

For 2 tamers (rest-able) in the battle, Ulforce can attack up to 3 opponent's securities, if there is more Taichi or Rina Shinomiya in the battle, the number of attack will be increased. We can increase the number of attack by evolving Ulforce to LV7 BT5 Omegamon to take advantage of "Advance" (Shingeki) and do another check. Else, we can evolve unrested Tamer (if have) into hybrid type Lobomon to do another attack to end the game. It always has a plan B. 

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