BT5 Meta Deck Review: Lilith Loop

A particular purple deck engine dubbed the Lilithmon Loop has been making rounds in the DCG Singapore League, devastating the many players who have faced it. Peculiar though is the fact that we had not seen or compiled such a deck yet from any tournament outside of Singapore. So today let us perhaps take a closer look at this "uniquely Singaporean" deck engine.

The Lilithmon Loop

Back in Feb 5 (3 weeks before the launching of BT-05) we had a very early discussion on Omegamon Zwart. In that article, we discussed about the potential of a Lilithmon Ramp engine with Zwart, as the white option card [BT5-109] Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! has not yet been revealed. Fast forward one month and this fearsome engine now presents itself as the Lilithmon Loop. 

Many players are finding success in this deck, finishing in top spots at their local tournaments. 

Sean's deck, 1st place, DCG SG league week 1
Daven's deck, 1st place, DCG SG league week 3
Gavriel's deck, 1st place, DCG SG league week 4

Search our decklist with the lilith keyword to find some tournament related deck recipes. 

The core concept of this deck is rather simple, and can be simply broken down into 2 phases: early-game control and late-game aggro

Early-game control

Early in the game, the player will usually rely on cards that offer abundant board control. LV4 blocker Digimons [BT2-072] Vilemon and [ST6-08] Devimon help to slow down the game by preventing rookie rushes. 

At LV5 and LV6, [BT2-077] Kimeramon and [BT5-081] ChaosGallantmon offers very respectable board control by removing an opponent's LV5 or lower Digimon. These cards, together with the LV4 blockers will attempt to nullify your opponent's board at LV5 or below. 

There is usually no early-game solution to deal with an opponent's fast LV6 Digimon, other than ChaosGallantmon himself. At 12000 DP, he can pretty much destroy (sometimes at the cost of his own life) any suspended LV6 Digimons. 

Early-game preparation

The winning condition of this engine is to fill up your trash to 10-cards as soon as possible, and to draw into essential cards in order to setup the Lilithmon Loop engine. Therefore, it is imperative to use cards that grant draw power as well as discards. 

At rookie and below, [BT3-006] Demimeramon, [BT2-069] Gabumon and [BT4-079] Labramon grant effects that allow for this draw-and-discard setup. At LV5, [BT3-088] Ladydevimon is used to serve this purpose.

[BT5-091] Takumi Aiba is a core card that not only grants the much-needed draw power whenever you digivolve, but also prevents rookie rushes. 

Board control does not mean protecting your security. Be willing to give up some security to an aggressive LV6 Digimon in hopes of tapping a Tamer or option card, and to simply help fill your trash to 10-card sooner.

An ideal starting hand would consist of at least a copy of Takumi Aiba, with any LV3 and LV4 Digimons. However, since there are usually only 12 LV3 Digimons played in this deck (due to reliance on many option and tamer cards) it is quite prone to bricky starting hands. Therefore, I would suggest including some cheapest (4-cost) on-play LV4 purple Digimons such as [BT5-074] Troopmon or [BT5-075] Musyamon for some robustness against bricks. 

Late-game aggro

Lilithmon loop is a counterattack engine, and requires a setup as following:

In your battle area

3 starting memory (-1 for each [BT4-111] Jack Raid in hand)
1X white tamer card (such as [BT5-091] Takumi)
1x LV5 or LV6 Digimon

In your hand

1X [BT3-091] Lilithmon
1x [BT5-109] Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon!
1x [BT5-087] Omegamon Zwart

In your trash

Approx. 10 cards (-1 for each [BT4-111] Jack Raid in hand)

When the conditions are met, digivolve into [BT5-087] Omegamon Zwart by using Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! for 0-cost. This will allow you to revive 2 8-cost or below Digimon from your trash. Ensure that at least one of the revived Digimon is a LV5. 

Combo note: you can revive a Kimeramon and a [BT5-071] Guilmon to delete an opponent's LV5 or lower Digimon, while deleting your own revived Guilmon to gain +1 memory.

Attack with Omegamon Zwart to delete an opponent's 12-cost or lower Digimon by returning your LV6 digivolution card to your hand. 

Digivolve the LV5 Digimon that you had revived into [BT3-091] Lilithmon to return 2 Jack Raid option cards to your hand. Make sure you have at least 3 memory before you digivolve so that your turn does not pass (play Jack Raids). Play 2 copies of Jack Raid to gain a total of at least +4 memory (2 from Jack Raid and another 2 from Lilithmon's effect). 

Repeat this Lilithmon loop if you have more copies of her in hand, and end your turn by normal digivolving into another Omegamon Zwart, allowing you to play 2 more Digimons from trash while giving your opponent little memory (due to all that looping). 

At the end of this loop, you should have a very wide board of a LV7 Zwart, one or more copies of LV6 Digimon, and 2 more LV5 Digimon or LV4 blockers revived from trash. During the entire process, you would have run many board control mechanics (from Zwart and perhaps Kimeramon) to eliminate your opponent's board while setting up a strong and wide board that is very difficult to eliminate in short span, guaranteeing your win in the next turn.

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