BT4/5 New Deck Intro: 19000 DP blocker with Reboot


These days I always hesitate to play against yellow Crusadermon deck, and now they created the purple Lilith loop that's even scarier, the game turn upside down in just one turn. 

Beside purple, I like to play black color, I really want to build a black deck that is not too weak, fun to play, and have new potential that can surprise opponent. I open Digimon Card Meta "Cards" page and  search "lv6 & black", look at all the black LV6 digimon and try to pick a pillar for my new deck, finally I found a guy that haven't used or appeared in any black meta before, the LV6 Blitzgreymon from Starter Deck.

This LV6 Blitzgreymon is expensive to evolve (4 costs) and it has "security attack +1" and "Digi-burst" effect. The Digiburst is triggered in "Main" time, so we can do it twice if it has 4 cards in its evolution source. The main reason we don't use it, I think it is because of the expensive cost to evolve. 

Here I would like to introduce a black deck that uses the BlitzGreymon as a main power. This deck focus on building the combo: the new black promo pack Sunarizamon, starter deck Blitzgreymon, the option card Final Zubagon Punch and Omegamon Zwart.

A bit about this deck's distribution: there is 12 cards for LV3, 10 cards for LV4, 8 cards for LV5 and 6 cards for LV6 digimon. There is 3 copies of Omegamon Zwart and 1 copy of Omegamon Alter-S included, 5 tamer cards and 5 option cards. The digitama is selected from starter deck to gain 1000DP for blocker, 4 copies of Kaburimon. The other one is Kaburimon that gives 1000DP for digimon with "Reboot" from BT2.

The Core Combo

As I mentioned above, this deck main strategy is the combo to use with Blitzgreymon including: the lv3 new promo sunarizamon, the option card Final Zubagon Punch and LV7 Omegamon Zwart.

If we able to build the digivolution source for BlitzGreymon that includes the [P-033] Sunarizamon, by triggering "digi-burst 2" to remove LV4 and LV5 digimon cards, the Blitzgreymon has "Security Attack +2" with 16000DP. If we have enough memory to play the option card Final Zubagon Punch, then this digimon has "Security Attack +3", "blocker" and "reboot" until end of opponent's next turn.  

If we don't have enough memory to play the option card, we can attack opponent's security first (2 or 3 checks), then cast the Final Zubagon Punch to make this digimon "reboot" and becomes blocker with 19000DP until end of opponent's next turn. Depend on what deck the opponent plays, we can make this digimon have up-to 23000DP if we trigger digiburst twice (use it when you play against Crusader DP reducing deck). 

This deck has 3 copies of Omnimon Zwart and 2 copies of white option card Mega Digimon Fusion!. The Omnimon Zwart give us the same feeling when we play purple, "recycle our trash". The main purpose to use this combo is to destroy 1 opponent's LV6 digimon that has play cost of 12 or less, and play for free 2 black or purple digimon cards that has play cost of 8 or less from trash. What we should summon from trash:

– Summon 2 blocker digimon if your opponent has many digimon in the battle. Be aware of opponent's deck, if opponent's play Hexeblaumon deck, then select the level that you can evolve in next turn to able to attack or block, if play against Crusader, then the higher DP digimon the bette

Draw Power

This deck uses 2 copies of white tamer Takumi Aiba and 2 copies of [St5-04] Toyagumon for draw power. The Toyagumon does help sometimes but the Takumi Aiba is really good to give more draw, also prevent the opponent's to use LV3 digimon to attack security.


There is 9 blocker card in the deck, the cheap cost to evolve Darktyrannomon 4 copies (to get 4 copies you will need to open 2 black starter decks), 2 copies of the new black blocker from BT5 Mekanorimon  and 3 copies of LV5 blocker Andromon. I also put 1 copy of [ST5-11] Megadramon to make the LV6 digimon that have this card in its digivolution source becomes blocker. 

The Mekanorimon is best hard-played by paying 4 costs, this digimon is also a plan to avoid rookies rush deck. This digimon can be unsuspend immediately when it blocks and survives during battling, and can unsuspend as many time as it can as long as it survives. With 6000DP, there is no Rookie digimon can pass his blocker. Beside, I also put 1 copies of Omegamon Alter-S to counter the Rookie Rush deck. 


For other LV6 digimon, I was considering to choose Cresgaruru or BT3 BlitzGreymon with "De-digivolve" effect, finally I decided to put 2 copies of Cresgarurumon. I like the "when digivolved" effect of Cresgaruru, the gatcha style.. "for each of opponent's digimon, we can reveal 1 card on top of the deck and play 1 black or red lv5 or less digimon among them without paying its cost". This also to follow to orginal strategy to summon more blocker for the battle or summon the promo LV3 Sunarizamon from deck. 

2 copies of Izzy Izumi to reveal 3 card from top of deck when play, so we can sort out the card for our benefits in next draw. The white tamer Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida is included with 1 copy, this tamer can help to give Omegamon Zwart "SecurityAttack+1" and also to gains 2 memory in beginning of the turn when opponent has a LV6 digimon.

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  1. Omega Zwart do not benefit from Sunarizamon, right? The ability for Su arizamon is your black digimon. But Zwart is a white digimon.

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