BT5 New Meta: Blue Ancient Rookie


With the new 1st year anniversary cards and the ST8 Blue UlforceVeedramon theme deck, digimon tamer Shigure from Japan created a new rookie deck profile, Ancientgaruru Rookie Rush.

There is not much to say about rookie rush, it is to use many rookie digimon in the deck and rush to check security in the game. Compared to other rookie decks, this deck is more expensive because AncientGaruru is Secret rare in BT4 Great Legend, the card is also not cheap and not easy to find.

This Rookie Rush deck using some very common and popular green digimon card that we always seen in almost all the mix color Rookie deck: the LV3 rookie [BT4-050]Liollmon and [BT3-044] Aruraumon, the LV3 digimon with 5000DP and Puppetmon, the digimon to make opponent's digimon sleep.

In this deck review, I will not discuss detail about strategy since we have many Rookie Rush deck profile before. I will just talk about the core combo, what is new and different compared to other deck.

The Core Combo: Lobomon and Ancient Garurumon

The Lobomon combo and AncientGaruru is a new wind for blue color, it helps blue to come back from forgotten memory since BT4 meta.  

At 3 cost to digivolve from a LV3 into Lobomon and then to the LV6 AncientGarurumon, it costs the same amount of memory to field 1 rookie into battle. But instead of being only able to target security (due to rookies having low DP), AncientGarurumon can target an opponent's Digimon or overcome an opponent's blocker. On top of that, AncientGarurumon can by-default perform a minimum of 2 checks (by unsuspending itself). In addition, the player can summon for free a LV4 hybrid digimon to replace the deleted AncientGarurumon at the end of the turn. 

To take advantage of this combo, hybrid digimons are used extensively in this deck. We all know that hybrid digimon can evolve from Tamer, we can evolve them to BT4 Lobomon and attack security before evolving LV3 digimon to promo Lobomon (as long as the tamer is not play in the same turn)

With the introduction of the Memory Boost card, and if we have Davis Motomiya tamer on play in the battle, in the situation you need to use the memory boost card to add +2 memory in your side, you have at least 5 memories to use. It is enough to evolve to AncientGarurumon from a LV3 that is moved out from raising area (total 3 cost) and evolve from blue tamer to LV4 BT4 Lobomon (2 cost).

Because the AncientGaruru can unsuspend 2 digimon with "garurumon" in its name or [hybrid] form, so we will take advantage of that effect. But with only 5000DP, it is lucky if Lobomon can survive after 1st security check, then we can take the effect of Ancientgaruru "when digivolving" effect to unsuspend LV4 Lobomon and do another attack.

Potential new combo: ST8 Blue Ulforce

This combo is considered as "megazoo" rush as we can evolve a LV3 [St8-04] Veemon into [ST8-10] UlforceVeedramon from new starter deck, to able to trigger this, your opponent has a LV6 or higher digimon

I am not surprised when this deck uses only 1 copies of UlforceVeedramon since this combo is not able to use in early time of the game. But compared to AncientGarurumon that takes 3 costs to evolve from LV3 to LV6, UlforceVeedramon only take 4 costs to evolve from LV3 to LV6, it is not deleted at the end of the turn and can be unsuspended (once per turn) when this digimon attacking. This combo has high potential to use in rookie deck if the deck has gaining-memory solution. 

This deck will have good draw power if the first hand is not stuck with many green cards. 

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