New Deck Intro: BT-06 Jesmon Brigade


Jesmon needs little introduction in BT-06: being one of the core lineups that this new expansion set highlights. However what some players don't realize is how strong a Jesmon deck can be.

Jesmon Brigade

We tested this deck using proxy cards.

This deck builds on pretty standard distribution:
– 10 LV3 Digimons (not including Sistermon Blanc).
– 8 LV4 Digimons (not including Sistermon Noir).
– 6 LV5 Digimons and 6 LV6 Digimons.
– 3 tamer cards and 8 option cards.

While this deck does not scream of surprise, it's real-world performance is really quite formidable. Let's take a look at it together!


Huckmon and the LV3s

[BT6-009] Huckmon is one hell of a searcher. His ability allows you to search for any 2 synergizing Digimons (Huckmon, Jesmon, or Sistermon in their name) amongst 5 revealed cards is very solid. In this deck, he has a total of 23 (not excluding himself) search candidates! This overperforms other 2-of-5 searchers as he is not limited to searching for 1 of Digimon-A and 1 of Digimon-B.

Other LV3 Digimons can be swapped out for any other depends on your tastes. In this deck, [ST7-02] Agumon for an inherited +2000 DP whenever your Digimon is going for a security check, and [ST7-03] Guilmon for inherited draw potential and ability to warp-digivolve to LV6 Gallantmon.

Baohuckmon and Rizegreymon

LV4 [BT6-011] Baohuckmon has an inherited effect that grants very decent board control: most rookies and a large majority of LV4 blocker Digimons. Pair this with [BT4-017] Rizegreymon to delete a 7000 DP or lower Digimon, which includes many popular LV5 Digimons such as Knightmon, Lilamon, Rizegreymon, and Blackwargrowlmon.



The LV5 [BT6-015] Saviorhuckmon has a digivolution effect that allows you to play [Sistermon] for free. However, this will require him to be in the battle area and exposing him to your opponent's onslaught. Therefore, we recommend foregoing this effect and digivolve within the raising area unless you have surplus memory to move further into Jesmon.

His inheritable effect however, is a gem. He is the first red Digimon that grants an unsuspend effect, and works like magic with [BT6-016] Jesmon and [BT2-020] Gallantmon. 


Jesmon and Gallantmon

Both LV6 Digimons Jesmon and Gallantmon benefits vastly from Saviorhuckmon's inheritable effect. 

Jesmon has an almost guaranteed +3000 DP and <Piercing> when attacking, making him a very big and unblockable Digimon when going for your opponent's security. His security checks can reach 16000 DP if he also inherits Agumon's +2000 DP. Furthermore when paired with both Saviorhuckmon and [BT1-085] Taichi he can dish out an unblockable 4 security checks in a turn!

The BT-02 Gallantmon is another LV6 candidate that not only benefits from Saviorhuckmon, but also from your [Sistermon] due to his [Royal Knight] type. Gallantmon can activate his [When Attacking] effect twice when inheriting SaviorHuckmon, dealing massive damage to your opponent's security. 

The new 1-cost option card [BT6-093] Judgement of the Blade is a massively effective card in this deck, allowing for a very strong board control when used with either Jesmon or Gallantmon. When activated from security, this card nas an additional effect allowing you to play a [Sistermon] for free from your hand or trash. With such great value, consider playing 3-4 copies in this deck.

BT-05 Omegamon

I prefer a couple of copies of [BT5-086] Omegamon to sometimes go for that much-needed final hit. While [BT1-084] Omegamon and [BT3-112] Omegamon Alter-S are good alternatives, I feel that Jesmon offers sufficient board control hence not always needing a higher-cost removal Omegamon or a board-wiping Alter-S. In addition, the BT-05 Omegamon can leverage the effect of Judgement of the Blade if played on the same turn, allowing Omegamon to attack an unsuspended Digimon when required (which is similar to the BT-01 Omegamon). 

Other Options

The delay option card [P-035] Red Memory Boost!! can offer better control over your available pool of Digimons, allowing for a better board setup. In addition, the delayed +2 memory can often be useful to dish out that fearful 3-cost digivolution + 1-cost option card combo. 

[BT6-094] Red Reamer is also a great option card that is introduced in this expansion set, at a measly 4-cost allowing you to most likely delete your opponent's 13000 DP Digimon since in current meta it is quite easy for the opponent to build a rather wide board.

Matchups and Thoughts

Against Rookie Rush: It is always stressful when playing against an aggro rookie rush deck. Digivolve into Saviorhackmon in the battle area to efficiently play a [Sistermon] for free, and if your opponent does not have a Spiral Masquerade in hand, the board will be yours once Jesmon hits the field with multiple free plays of blocker Sistermons. Also consider attacking early with Saviorhuckmon if you've inherited Baohuckmon in order to delete your opponent's 5000 DP or lower rookie Digimon (Saviorhuckmon's 7000 DP would most likely survive a rookie rush's weak security). 

Against Lordknightmon: This deck plays very similar to Lordknightmon. Avoid moving your stack from the nursery to the battle area earlier than Lordknightmon's to prevent a counterattack, and if necessary digivolve into Jesmon inside your nursery. When Jesmon is unleashed, he should be able to deal large damage to your opponent's security, faster than Lordknightmon could ever imagine.

Against Security Control: Your opponent should be throwing large memories your way, so match their tempo by hard-playing your Digimons instead of the usual digivolution. Build a wide and strong board before attempting to hit their security, and consider Gallantmon (for security trashing) when they have at least 10 cards in their trash. 

Jesmon is most likely a tier-1 deck in the coming meta, with players continue to optimize this deck to bring out its full potential. Will you be playing Jesmon soon? 

Further Optimized Version

The number of white card Sistermon can easily cause hand brick sometimes, so I reduced the white card from 7 to 5 slots for both Sistermon. I also removed the combo Guilmon-Dukemon and only keep 4 copies of Jesmon as LV6, also re-distributing the slot for LV4 and LV5 digimon.

Here is the deck I used to play, smoother than the first build, easy to play, draw and control the game.

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    1. Hi James, the blurry cards is top left corner right? they are: 2 copied of [bt1-020] Groundramon, 4 copies of [bt6-015] SaviorHuckmon and 2 copies of [bt4-015] Volcdramon

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